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Get here best South Korean show “Squid Game” Season 1 Episode 5 and Episode 4 Episode 3 &2 &1 full explanation of story. In this article you’ll get Squid Game Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

  • In the 5th The players were taken for the fourth game – So in this game Sang-Wo0 and Seong wins from their partner. Now its turn of Sae-Byeok and her female friend.
  • To take marble from their partners, without forcing them. So Sae-Byeok make a plan, the one who will throw marbles near the wall will be the winner. So at first, Sae-Byeok throws her marbles, near the wall. But when Sae-Byeok female friends turns come, she throws all her marbles. After seeing, it, Sae-Byeok asks her friend to throw it again.
  • Her friend says no, because she’s alone and none is behind her. But if something bad happens with Sae-Byeok , then it won’t be good. because Sae-Byeok ‘s elder brother waiting for her. After that Sae-Byeok’s female friend was eliminated or killed.

After that their dead bodies were taken from there. Then they return to the rooms. Jang notices Sae-Byeok’s friend is still alive. She was sitting calmly. Here we know Sae-Byeok’s friend was also jang’s friend. There was some reason why they clashed, therefore jang’s friend bullies him.

Later, the frontman finds the ID-card of the officer near a dead body. Then Frontman get aware his VIP’s have arrived there. Therefore the frontman moves to receive them. All VIP’s were taken to the rooms, and frontman later tells about the VIP’s arrival to another man. He was the main man there.

Squid Game Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation

  • The next day all players, were brought for the fifth game. There were the digits from 1 to 16, and players would have to take their numbers. Which means there will be their turn according to their number.
  • In the last, the first and the last number left. That means 1 and 16 number. So Seong gets confused that which number he has to choose? He is thinking if he choose the first option or 1 number. Then he will be stuck. Because he is unfamiliar with the game. And if he choose, the last number or 16 number. Then it is possible that he will not have his turn. Due to the shortage of time.
  • Meanwhile a man arrives there, and he says to Seong, I want 1st number. Because he’ has never been on the first number in his life.
  • After that all players taken to a gaming room.

The rule of the game is they have to cross the bridge in the given time. There were two glasses in between the bridge. One was ordinary glass but another was tempered glass. The ordinary glass will be break when players will step on it. Then players will fall down from there.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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