Squid Game Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation

“Squid Game” Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation – Know Here Your Best Amazing Story.

Squid Game TV Series

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All 80 players were taken for the thrid game.

They were asked to make a team or group consisting of 10 players. So the all players do the same and make their team.

Jang is aware of the upcoming game, So he didn’t include Sae-Byeok’s female friend in his team. He makes his team only consisting of males.

  • In the next side Sang-Woo also makes his team because they need a player. So they add Sae-Byeok’s female friend, in their group. This Game name is “Tug Of War”, That means they have to fall the team in front of them.
  • Therefore now game starts Jang’s team easily wins this game.
  • Now it was the turn of Sang -Woo’s team, In their team a player he was very old. But he make them beleive that he have played many Tug Of Wars in his life. That’s why he guides Sang-Woo’s team on how to win this games.
  • Consequentally somehow they wone their game.

Squid Game Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation

  • In the next scene, the lights are then shown to be turned off after 30minutes, on it, Sang-Woo asks them to be ready, for fight with Jang. They are making a plan, that they will guard one by one, and then protect to each other.
  • But Jang’s team was having wise and strong players so, therefore Jang was afraid that his team will cut him off.

In the next side Doctor and guards were taken out the organs of dead bodies. So here to deliver these organs Guard no.28 and guard no.29 will go. Guard no.29 was none other than the officer who has to deliver the organs. Officer arrives and dressed as a guard and suspects these dead body is of his brother. Because he also has one kidney, and the body from which they are taking organs consisting one kidney.

  • Then Guard.No.28 and Guard.No.29 move to deliver the organs. On the way, the officer noticethe bomb in the tunnel. Then Guard.No.28 tells him when we will go out this place will be blasted. So here Officer tries to take more information from Guard.No.28 . Therefore Guard.No.28 suspects him. He asks the officer to show his face.
  • While showing his face the officer points the gun on Guard.No.28. Now officer asks him about the man with the one kidney? Who is the person? Then Guard.No.28 reply she was a girl.

Guard.No.28 says to officer, he can take all of the information while going to the leader’s room. Because there is data of everyone. After getting this information, officer killed and shooted Guard.No.28 from his gun.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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