"Money Heist season 1 Ending Explanation In Hindi"

Money Heist season 1 Ending Explanation In English & Hindi – Click Here To Check An Amazing Thrilled Twist. (Episode 13)

Money Heist money heist season 1 TV Series

At the end of Money Heist Season 1 Episode 12 we have seen that how sixteen hostages ran away from the mint. Meanwhile the cops get a chance to attack on robbers. But till then robbers weld the gate of basement. Angel is now admitted on hospital, moreover he’s the only one who know the truth of Professor. To know more about the show read Money Heist season 1 Ending Explanation In English & Hindi. Moreover click here to check Money Heist season 1.

“Money Heist season 1 Ending Explanation In English & Hindi”

  • Oslo gaze was never sparkling, but now all robbers shared that same gaze : sad and vacant. Moreover hostages is asking – Last night we heard gunfire, what happened? Then Rio answer the rest of Hostages – Some hostages escaped, they blew up one of the doors and made it outside. Everyone is fine. Then all hostages clapped together for escapped hostages.
  • Professor has already teached all robbers during the training periods how to handle the situation – If in any condition some hostages run away from the place. Then it definitely rest of Hostages will protest against you. So at that time how turn the hostages into your partners – put two things in front of them 1st is freedom and 2nd is Money.
  • Now Berlin & Nairobi is doing same thing, they’re manipulating rest of hostages one by one to choosing one thing freedom or Money.

“Hostages Revealed The Identity Of Robbers”

  • Now the hostages who is now outside the Mint are helping to police. Some of them is saying, Robbers are digging the tunnel in the basement. Some of them is leaking the information how many tool they have, guns they have, and all. Police is asking now how many robbers they are how do they look? They are replying – they were eight.
  • Police – Who were the professor among of them? But all are denying.
  • Now Raquel comes there, Mr.Prieto gives angel glasses to Raquel and tell her a microphone had attached in that glasses. Robbers must’ve done it when ‘Angel’ went in with the medical team.
  • Moreover Raquel’s mom heard all the recording which has sent by the ‘Angel’. Then she write all messages in a some pages. Now Raquel mom is trying her number but its not connecting. Then she again call to professor – Professor received call – She said sorry to bother you again. I am Raquel’s mother. I have an urgent message from Deputy Inspector Angel, please tell to Raquel. Professor ask to Raquel’s mother about the messages – Angel is saying the men who’s helping robbers from the outside It’s the cider guy. His fingerprints were in the police car.
  • Now Professor get sweat on his body to heard all.

“Oslo Worst Condition” Money Heist season 1 Ending Explanation In English & Hindi

In the next scene Oslo condition is very worsen, and he is not responding for anything. Nairobi is requesting to take Oslo hospital, he can be cured. But Berlin is saying no one is leaving, you know what the professor said. Nairobi shout on Berlin – Where was the professor when 16 hostages were escaping? Where was he when they cracked Oslo head? We have to open the doors, call the police and let the medics take him. Berlin is saying to all no one can get out from the house. Meanwhile Helsinki support Berlin, then the matter close there.

“Professor Trapped Again”

  • Professor goes to Raquel’s house – Where her mother open the door – he said, hey! I am Salva, we spoke on the phone. Then Raquel’s mother invite him to come inside. When Raquel mother goes to make a coffee for him then Professor think – To pour 2.5mg of dioxin into Raquel’s mother coffee, for some cardiac rest. In 15minutess she’ll suffer cardiac arrest.
  • When Raquel’s mother is ready to take a coffee sip then Professor through her cup of coffee. Because he is a gentle guy and no want to kill someone. Meanwhile he find the message note, and he deleted the recorded call messages from there.

Now Raquel reached in her home where she find professor there. When she ask him- What are you doing here? Then he reply he want to get surprise her. Then they all did the lunch together. Suddenly Raquel think something about the case and she connect the call in cops camp and saying – looke for every countryside estate with hunting grounds. Now Raquel understood everything like robbers needed a place to get oragnized and prepare the entire plan step by step.

  • After some time Raquel received a call from Suarez – he is saying they found the estate. There’s an abandoned house. Now Raquel says to Salva for the drive.
  • Now Professor and Raquel reached that same place, From where professor start their everything, their all plans, their all 5months training. All cops are investigating the place. Where police find everything there, how they set their plan, the Royal Mint map, and everything.

And The Season 1 Ends Here.

“Money Heist season 1 Ending Explanation In Hindi”

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