Money Heist Season 2 Episode 1 Explanation In English & Hindi – Now You’ll Know Here A Suspenceful Thriller.

In Money heist Season 1 Ending Explanation we have seen that cops found the place where professor prepared his entire plan. Moreover now they have fingerprints of all robbers. Now how will Professor save himself and all robbers? To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 2 Episode 1 Explanation In English & Hindi. Moreover click here to check the review of Money Heist Season 2.

“Money Heist Season 2 Episode 1 Explanation In English & Hindi”

  • Now Professor is in the car looking around there, and he is looking worry. Moreover now Raquel order to call “Alberto”(Raquel ex husband) forensic expert to come there. Now they all have an enough evidence to find all the robbers. So now Raquel understood the person that helps them from the outside was here. Because she find the theft pharmacy documents there. But the professor had meticulously planned to take the police there. He intentionally plan the fingerprint of those the police already indentified, which is Berlin, Tokyo , and Rio. He intended to lead Raquel into a dead end, that will make her lose at least three days.
  • The hostages who choosed freedom, the robbers close them all in to the basement. The rest of hostage who choosed money are working with robbers.
  • Moreover Professor intentionally put some goods outside the house to waste the time. Now Raquel introduced Alberto with Salva.

Alberto is investigating with Raquel. Alberto tells her – last time Angel called me for the prints he found has matched with cops car.

What’s The next Plan?

  • In the next scene Robbers is waiting for professor call, In the training time of robbers professor already spoke them- he’ll call them in every 6 hours. But in case if he didn’t call them then wait for 24hours, still if he didn’t call you back after 24 hours then get it he’ve been arrested and interrogated.
  • Its 18 hour with no news from the professor, and he’s not answering the call of robbers. All robbers is looking worry. But Berlin make them understand don’t worry we’ll wait for him for the next six hour, after that we’ll put the next plan.
  • Moscow is asking – But the professor didn’t say anything about that plan? Then Berlin speak – If all goes well, you’ll never need to know about that plan.
  • But Tpkyo and Rio was always did many stupidity since from the begening. So tokyo and Rio decide to on the TV because to find something what is going on outside. The reporter is covering all the news of that house where is investigation is going. So all robbers see Professor with cops on TV. They thought professor got arrested, and interrogated Professor. Till than Robbers lost the signal of TV.

“Tokyo Do A Huge Mistake”

  • Now robbers fight with each other where Tokyo is forcing Berlin to activate next plan. The plan professor never shared with them . But Berlin is very sharp and calm guy he’s waiting for next 6 hour. Moscow, Nairobi, and Helsinki is with Berlin. But Tokyo, Rio, and Denver wants to activate the plan.
  • Now Tokyo and Rio point the gun on Berlin and forcing him what’s the next plan and activate that. Furthermore they tie Berlin hands.
  • In the next scene Moscow killed Oslo, because his condition is going worsen day by day and they can provide him any treatment. So he decide to kill hem.

Professor wants to go from there, then she go to say goodbye Raquel. Meanwhile Alberto tells Raquel I can give him a lift.

And The Episode Ends Here.