JL 50 Web Series Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation

“JL 50” Web Series Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation –

JL 50 TV Series

JL 50 Season 1 Episode 2 we have seen that, finally Shantanu is thinking JL50 plane would connect with the Time-travel. But he don’t have any clue. To know all the suspence behind this plane check JL 50 Web Series Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

  • Proffesor Das is making Shantanu aware, if B.c.Mitra and Parth will start to work together again. Then they will distroy everything, and now to stop them is immpossible.
  • proffesor Das is telling further to Shantanu, that he have a solution, – If they will able to go in 1984 through the time-travel, and stop Parth and B.C.Mitra there. Then JL 50 will never crash, furthermore AO-26 will never hijack. Altogether in 1984 they can make it possible to stop time-travel concept in wrong hands.
  • But Shantanu is not believing on Proffesor Das, therefore Proffesor Das is asking for 1hour to proved time-travel concept.

Proffesor Das and Shantanu is now going to hospital. Where Proffesor is asking exact reading of warm hole from Bihu. Bihu is saying that she will help them, to take them in 1984, she will fly the plane. After that they all get ready, and successfully reached in 1984 through that warm-holes.

Here Proffesor Das is seeing date in a newspaper 19Aug 1984. So they have one day, to stop hijack of JL50. Because 20aug 1984 JL50 hijacked.

Moreover Shantanu is going to orphnage, because at the same date of 19Aug 1984 someone has left him in orphnage. He reached there, and he find a man in the car, is leaving a little baby there. When Shantanu asked his identity, but the men ignore him. So Shantanu notice his car number.

  • Proffesor is now telling him, a location of Warehouse, where B.C.Mitra will meet to Parth Majumdar. But to reach there, they need a car. Therefore Bihu tells them, that she will take a car from her house. When Shantanu see, Bihu’s car number he get socked, because this is the same car, from where a men left him in orphnage. So Shantanu is now aware that Bihu Gosh is his mother. But he didn’t discuss anything here.

And The Episode 3 Ends Here with lots of suspence.

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