“JL 50” Web Series Ending Story Explanation (Episode 4)

“JL 50” Web Series Ending Story Explanation (Episode 4) –

JL 50 TV Series

JL 50 season 1 Episode 3 we have seen, that with the help of Bihu Gosh, Shantanu and Proffesor Das has reached in 1984. When they reached in 1984, Shantanu knew here, that Bihu Gosh is his mother. To know all the suspence behind this plane check JL 50 Web Series Ending Story Explanation (Episode 4). Moreover you can find here another movies review.

Shantanu, Proffesor and Bihu has reached in warehouse. Where Parth Majumdar and B.C.Mitra will meet. When they reached there, Shantanu killed all the sentry of Parth.

  • Now they searched PROJECT-A file, in which time-travel formula has mentioned. When Shantanu find the file, he try to burn the file. Meanwhile Proffesor stop him to do this, and taking him in a gun point.

Here we get main suspence of the series

Proffesor Das is taking Shantanu in a gun point, and saying he spent his full life to find this time-travel formula. Furthermore Proffesor revealed – he is not here to help Shantanu, he trapped Shantanu to take him here. Because he want to theft this formula.

Proffesor Das is saying further to Shantanu, when B.C.Mitra escapped from hospital. He came into Proffesor house, and there Proffesor killed him.

  • Now Shantanu is denying him to don’t do this, but Proffesor Das shooted a gun on Shantanu’s left hand. But somehow Shantanu attacked on Proffesor, and burn the file, then Shantanu get out from the Warehouse.
  • Project-A file has half burnt, when Proffesor get senses he try to save some pages.

Meanwhile exact 5;00 o’clock at evening, suddenly changed everything in 1984 and they telepot in present timeline.

This is how Shantanu stopped hijack of JL50. Due to this, future all timeline has changed.

In this timeline, Shantanu’s wife is different. Altogether Gaurango doesn’t know Shantanu, that mean one of them is not in CBI.

  • But the biggest change we see in this timeline – Shantanu is living with his mom Bihu Gosh. Because in past JL50 didn’t hijack, due to this she didn’t fly the JL50 plane.
  • Because Bihu became a mother before her marriage, that is why her dad in 1984, left Shantanu in Orphnage. But after that Bihu take back her child.

And now we see post -credit scene of 1984, exact 5;00 o’clock young Proffesor come there, and take half burnt file of PROJECT-A with him.

And the season 1 ends here with this suspence, – how will proffesor is using that formula of Time Travel In this present timeline.

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