“JL 50” Web Series Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation –

JL 50 Season 1 Episode 1 we have seen that, a mysterious plane JL50 disappeared 35 years ago. But suddenly plane crashed news come in contact, and Shantanu found it was JL50. To know all the suspence behind this plane check JL 50 Web Series Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

Now Chandra is a mysterious name for Shantanu, and what is his connection with JL50? To find the mystery Shantanu is going to central jail and meeting to AVA leader Parth Majumdar. But Parth is not speaking a single word. Then Shantanu investigate and find a name in passanger list B.C.Mitra and his full name is Biswajeet Chandra Mitra.

Shantanu is going to B.C.Mitra’s house, and here he find he was a scientest. Shantanu checked his old project file, then he notice, he was working on some plane project (PLANE-A), furthermore he is the same guy who is surviving in hospital.

Now scene shifted and nurse tells B.C.Mitra that one more girl is surviving with him, and her name is Bihu. After that B.C.Mitra reached in Bihu’s room and try to kill her. Meanwhile Shantanu reached there, and safe her life. But now B.C.Mitra escaped from hospital.

  • Shantanu is going to meet Doctor-Viswas, he is a scientest, and asking him, about PLANE-A PROJECT?? Dr-Viswas is telling him that Project-A means Ashok Project. During Ashok emperior he collected 9things to got a successive victory, Furthermore time-travel is one of the major things from out of 9.
  • After that Shantanu start to believe in time-travel concept, and he know one more clue that Professor Das has assist B.C.Mitra.
  • Professor Das is giving his clearification that no one can believe in time travel concept, that is why he hide the truth, that he know B.C.Mitra.
  • B.C.Mitra was alone working in this project. He didn’t make Time-Travel Machine, but he found this. Now he is explaining further and introducing warm holes, through this anyone can time-travel. B.C.Mitra was spent his day and night to find the formula of warm-holes, one day he solved it. But he need a plane to execute his experiment. Therefore he choosed JL50.

B.C.Mitra was the member of AVA, Parth Majumdar provided him, some mens to hijacked the plane. That is why Professor Das didn’t travel on that plane.

B.C.Mitra wants to kill Bihu Gosh because, along with B.C, Bihu is the one who knew the way of warm-holes.

And The Episode 1 Ends Here with lots of suspence.

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