Asur Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English -You’ll Get Here Fascinating Way Of Thrilled

At the end of Asur Season 1 Episode 3 we have seen that when they drag the coffin then Nikhil and their all team members get suddenly unconscious. Consequently the killer took Nikhil with him. Why he took Nikhil with him ? Who is the killer? To know all about that read Asur Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation.

Asur Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation

”Ashes from the Past”

The episode continues with the incident happened 11 years ago as it is shown that Dhananjay was the person who was doing the puja rituals. While doing the puja, Dhananjay finds something fishy about Shubh. After the death of Shubh father, Dhananjay tells to police that he didn’t die due to drowning. He die due to poison. Furthermore Dhananjay tells to police for complete detail about death send the body for Autopsy.

Dhananjay to Shubh – I understand what you are going through. Its really heart -wrenching. But the Shubh stand there without any emotion and furthermore he tells to Dhananjay – ‘You had paid for the veneration’. So tomorrow come to this pier before sunrise and i will get your veneration completed.

”In present”

Nikhil’s family has reached india. Consequently Naina is asking about Nikhil .

  • Naina sayed to Nusrat – Where is my husband?
  • Nusrat – We don’t know. He is missing since last night. Nikhil has been kidnapped.
  • Naina – But who did it?
  • Nusrat – We don’t know anything else. Hence three team of CBI are working only on tracking Nikhil. So we will soon find him. Don’t be panic.

”Where is Nikhil” ?

Here in the next Scene Nikhil is now trapped in killer’s custody and Dhananjay is behind the bars. When Nikhil senses he find himself in a control room and there is only telephone, t.v and password protected door.

When he try to call one number the kidnapper pick the call and told him ”any number you call from this phone it will lead you to me”.

  • Nikhil – Who are you ? And what do you want from us? why you took me here?
  • Killer – You are alive not beacause i want to use you, but because i like you. ”In the Mahabharata, the Pandavas only needed one clever Companion” So you are my companion in this war. Therefore this place is your Kurukshetra.

”Dhananjay in jail” Asur Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation

Police say to Dhananjay, Sir someone’s here to meet you from CBI and that is Lolark.

  • Dhananjay – Why didn’t Nikhil come ?
  • Lolark told everthing about the last night. He told to Dhananjay sir, someone who is taking revenge against you two like a wild bull. But i am scared about Nikhil will he alive or not?
  • Dhananjay – Wherever he may be , he’s alive.
  • Lolark – How can you be so sure sir ?
  • Dhananjay – Because he’d have killed Nikhil right there if he had to. But he kidnapped him. Because he needs Nikhil.
  • Lolark – I have got all your old case files. All the cases that you handled with Nikhil, So go through them once sir. You may find a clue as to who the scoundrel could be.

What killer wants from Nikhil?

In the next scene, Killer call Nikhil and he want Nikhil help for next murder. But nikhil is refusing to help him. Therefore Killer start threatening Nikhil about his family. Consequently Nikhil say to him – i will do whatever you want. Now they start to plan next murder her name is Abhilasha and she is Psychiatry.

  • Killer to Nikhil – She is a dedicated mother. Every morning at sharp 8 o’ clock she drops her daughter at school. Then she goes to work from there. Her mother cooks her food. Furthermore she’s at work the whole day. Then comes home by sharp 6 P.M. Thats her life.
  • Nikhil – Is she have any medical issues?
  • Killer – In a few days, she will be undergoing a dental treatment for capping of tooth.
  • Nikhil – You just have to replace her dental cap titanium with iron. She will return to her department after the treatment. According to your information she conducts brain-mapping experiments so when she will lay on the machine, you have to increase the magnetic strength of the machine until she dies. Then when she will die take her body out of the hospital.
  • Killer – Where do i shall dispose the body?
  • Nikhil- Where all the evidence will get diluted.

Killer and Nikhil they get suceed as according to their plan.

”CBI find the body of Abhilasha”

Here Nusrat and Lolark are confusing about the case. So they decide to take help of Dhananjay sir. Because he is the only person who can solve this case.

Here Dhananjay is trying to find old case from which he catch the killer but he didnt find anything from old cases. Now he is reminding everthing of his past then suddenly he think about Shubh case.

  • Meanwhile Lolark comes there. Dhananjay ask to him – Did you find anything about Nikhil?
  • Lolark – No sir ! But we found one more body. It was drowned in water, for which we need your help sir. Because this is the only option we have to get Nikhil.
  • Dhananjay – Lolark i need you to do something for me. But this matter will stay between the two of us only. There lives a boy in Banaras who has been imprisoned, i need all the information about him. Every little details.

”Dhananjay Start To Detect The Case”

When he see the body he tells to team . The murder was not commited here.

  • Dhananjay ask to team – Was there burnt oil on the surface of water ?
  • Lolark – Yes sir, why do you ask ?
  • Dhananjay –So there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that Nikhil alive. The bad news is Nikhil has commited the murder.
  • Lolark and Nusrat – How do you know sir ?
  • Dhananjay – It was 2007 when Nikhil and i were working on our first underwater case. And the case was same as like this.

It mean Nikhil is trying to send me some kind of message.

Lolark – What is it ?

And the episode ends here.

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