Asur Season 01 Episode 05 Story explanation

Asur Season 1 Episode 5 Story explanation In English -You’ll Get Here Fascinating Way Of Thrilled

ASUR TV Series

At the end of Asur Season 1 Episode 4 we have seen that Dhananjay has understood Nikhil is trying to send some kind of message to him. Is Dhananjay able to find Nikhil? and what Dhananjay did in past with Shubh ? to know all about that read Asur Season 1 Episode 5 Story explanation.

Asur Season 1 Episode 5 Story explanation

”Devil Has A Face”

The episode continues with incident 11 years ago where Dhananjay arrested Shubh and put him behind the bars for his father’s murder. Then Shubh doesn’t show much remorse and instead starts preaching from within the prison, Consequently as a wilful follower joins him and becomes his first disciple.

”In the present timeline” Asur Season 1 Episode 5 Story explanation

An additionally here Nusrat comes to meet with Naina. Then Nusrat told to Naina ‘Nikhil is alive’.

  • Naina –How do you know that ? Have you found any new clue? Has he tried contacting any of you?
  • Nusrat – The dead body that we found at the lake, is a message from Nikhil. Hence whatever he is doing is out of helplessness.
  • Naina – What is Nikhil doing?
  • Nusrat –So its just a theory but maybe it was Nikhil who commited the murder. Dhananjay sir think that.
  • Naina get angry to hear about her husband and then she start to blame Dhananjay.
  • An additionally in the next scene Lolark request to his boss , sir we cant solve the case without Dhananjay sir .
  • Shashank sir – Dhananjay is in jail . He has been accused so that he cant work on the case officially.
  • Lolark – But he can at least help us by thinking over the case in jail.

”Dhananjay in jail” Asur Season 1 Episode 5 Story explanation

Dhananjay meets Kesar Bhardwaj, who’s a motivational speaker on spiritualism. He comes every week in jail to motivate the prisoner about the spiritualism.

  1. Dhananjay to Kesar –hii!
  2. Kesar – I have never seen you before ?
  3. Dhananjay – I am new here. I listen to your podcast while driving to work and driving to back.
  4. Kesar – Does it work for you ?
  5. Dhananjay – Yes, it’s very intriguing. specially your theories about equillibrium and balancing of the society and cyclic universe. But only it comes to Karma it doesn’t work for me.
  • Shashank sir make a new office for Dhananjay in jail. then told him this is your new office. and the core team is ‘Nusrat’, ‘Lolark’ , ‘Rasul’ . They will come here only during high emergency . Beside them , ‘Samarth Ahuja’ he is a bright , young forensic pshycologist. He will also join you.
  • Furthermore Shashank sir give an official promotion to Nusrat sayed.

”Lolark trying to find Shubh adress”

Now Lolark reached Banaras police station and start searching about Shubh case. But he didn’t find anything because staff has changed there. One staff member told to Lolark before 2008 Yashvant Shukla worked here . But he retired. His home in Ram Nagar , next to the river bank of the Ganga . Lolark take the adress of Yashvant Shukla and reach there.

  • Lolark – Yashwant sir , I am Lolark dubey from CBI. I am here to know about the Shubh case.
  • Yashwant – He was a strange boy. He killed his father by poisoning him, but there was no guilt on his face.
  • Lolark – You said boy. was that a juvenile case ?
  • Yashwant – As per the record he was 18 years old but he didn’t look that old. Since the day he entered the jail even the older convicts got impressed with him. Sometime he draw weird drawings on the walls of his cell.
  • Lolark- What happened after that sir ?
  • Yashwant – One day the jail caught fire ,then four people died. That boy was one amongst them.
  • Lolark – Do you have his photograph with you?
  • Yashwant – No ! But you can do one thing , go to the divisional record room, perhaps you could find something there.

”Dhananjay start to work in his new office”

Dhananjay tells to their team we have only one way to understand the killer, to study the victtims, and find the connection. Then find out why is the killer using that mask?

I think killer is using Nikhil’s family to blackmail him, Nusrat speak with the police and arrange for security outside Nikhil’s house .

  • Samarth to Dhananjay – Sir i have an idea , Let us prepare horoscopes of the victims, maybe we’ll find out if they have anything in common.
  • Dhananjay – Why not? go ahead.

”Kidnapper gives Nikhil his next assignment”

Kidnapper reveal their face and comes to congratulate Nikhil to his first assignment. Now he aggain send the image to Nikhil of that man who is their next target.

  • Nikhil- No you cant kill him. He is very famous man, you wont be able to even get to him.
  • Kidnapper to Nikhil- It’s your job to find a way out, no matter how difficult the task is.
  • Here in the next scene Lolark send Shubh image to Dhananjay. When Dhananjay saw his image Dhananjay goes in their flashback and remind that thing when he arrest Shubh to his father murder case.
  • Dhananjay to Shubh- Whatever is happening is happening for the right reason.
  • Shubh- How can the wrong ever be right?
  • Dhananjay – May be one day you will understand.
  • Shubh- Maybe , but i promise you , that you shall definitely understand one day.

And the episode ends here.

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