Special Ops Season 1 Ending Explanation In English (Episode 8) – Here You’ll Get An Amazing But Fascinating Ending That Will Make You Thrilled.

At the end of Special Ops Season 1 Episode 7 we have seen that Farooq trapped Ismail and Hafiz against of each. Moreover Ismail shared a shocking secret with Farooq. That Hafiz wife behalf of Zamaat are attacking soon in Delhi. So now how will Himmat and Farooq help to save Delhi from the blast? To know more about the show read Special Ops Season 1 Ending Explanation In English (Episode 8). Moreover click here to check Special Ops review.

Special Ops Season 1 Ending Explanation In English (Episode 8)

  • Farooq call Himmat Singh and said – Sir! there’s going to be a bomb blast at 11A.m tomorrow in Delhi.
  • Himmat Singh ask do you know where exactly in delhi?
  • Farooq answer- I don’t know sir, But Hafiz’s wife will host the feast named “Sadia”.
  • In the next scene Himmat Singh is interogating Habib Naik who have caught by “Abbas”.
  • Himmat Singh is asking – What do you know about Noor Mohammed and Jamaat? How do you linked with Noor Mohammed?
  • Habib Naik is replying – Noor Mohammed had made a request. He wanted an innocent and oppressed girl, who wast a victim in the riots. Hw wanted to publicise how our people are ill-treated in India. Then finally we found the women.
  • Himmat Singh – Was the woman name Sadia? And the man whom she was married, is his name Hafiz?
  • Then Habib Naik – Yes sir she was Sadia qureshi. But it was not Hafiz.
  • Then Himmat show him image of Hafiz and ask him, is he the same guy? Habib Naik – Yes sir the man is same but his name is not Hafiz. I was present at that wedding, the priest informed Sadia about the identity of the groom to introduce him, and he said his name Ikhlaq Khan.
  • Now Himmat Singh understood that Hafiz is making everyone fool because his name is Ikhlaq Khan.

Hafiz Recognise That Farooq Is India’s Agent

  • In the next scene Farooq ordered his one man to kill Ismail Hassan. Now Himmat told their Agent that Hafiz is Ikhlaq Khan. Meanwhile Farooq told – Sir ! Hafiz has told me to go to Islamabad with him tomarrow.
  • Himmat ask – When is your flight scheduled to leave for Islamabad?
  • Farooq answer – Sir It’s at 10 a.m tomorrow.
  • Himmat said okay then we’ll deal with him there. Till then I’ll try to get the approval from higher authorities.

In the next scene The pakistani defence minister and his delegation arrived. So Mr.Surya Kumar senior officer from IB is there for their security. Now Himmat Singh called Mr.Surya Kumar and told him that he found Ikhlaq Khan.

Now Farooq is going with Hafiz(Ikhlaq Khan) to Islamabad. Meanwhile Hafiz one man called him from Dubai and said the man who’s next to you is Agent of India named Farooq. When Hafiz heard this he got socked and attempted to kill Farooq but Ruhani and Avinash is there pointing a gun on Hafiz car. Later Farooq killed Hafiz.

Will They Blast?

  • In the next scene, Pakistani delegation is helping Sadia and her sister. Sadia is attaching a bomb on her sister. When they comes in assembly, according to their plan the have to press a button and blast there. Meanwhile Himmat Singh send Sadia and her sister image to Surya Kumar and said search these two ladies in between the assembly audience.
  • Now Surya Kumar take Sadia and her sister with him, when he searched them, he didn’t find anything on them, they don’t have any bomb or sucide vest. They’re clean. Because after some time Sadia changed her mind, and decide to saved her sister life.
  • Meanwhile Himmat Singh request to Surya Kumar to let allow to go those sister.

And The Season 1 Ends Here.