Grahan Season 1 Episode 4 story Explanation

“Grahan” Season 1 Episode 4 story Explanation – “Tremendous Way Of Thriller”

Grahan TV Series

Grahan Season 1 Episode 3 we saw that, Rishi and Sunjay confront, in a marriage. But after saw him Rishi is scaring. What is the reason behind, why Rishi get scared from Sunjay? Meanwhile Amrita took him, from there. To know more about the show read Grahan Season 1 Episode 4 story Explanation. Moreover click here to check Grahan web-series review.

Grahan Season 1 Episode 4 story Explanation

Amrita is planning to go Bokaro for investigation & Rishi is denying her to go there. But Amrita is packing her clothes and going to Bokaro. After that Rishi is making a phone call for someone and saying – I can’t stop her, because she has gone, but be careful, she should not be able to find the truth.

When Amrita and Vikas reached there, they find, Sardar is protesting against, Sunjay Singh. Now they reached in police station and checking all the old records of Chaurashi riots.

Where they find Satnam Saini’s name, and then they decide to interogate Satnam. Now we see, Satnam, who had opened a school, for poor children, and owner of an orphanage. But Satnam is not answering them, an additionally he’s getting angry on them. Where he’s saying I have seen before, many investigation like this, but the result we get nothing ever.

  • In the next scene Sunjay Singh goes to meet Rishi. But Rishi has scared to see him, now he’s asking to him why you changed your look?
  • Rishi reply – I did that, what I felt good at that time. Then Sunjay threat him to make understand your daughter, otherwise it’ll be worse for her.

Now Vikas & Amrita is going to that steel factory, where were Sunjay and Rishi worked. But the owner of the factory said them – No one can give you any clue against Sunjay Singh, because in past 15year he was MLA of Bokaro. But at the riots night they withdrawn a huge payment from the bank, and then Sunjay distributed all money. Now Vikas is going to bank, for some investigation. Altogether Satnam is ready to give them some clue.

Satnam is saying –

  • 31 october 1984, after death of Indira-Gandhi, people was outraged in all over the country and chances of voilence has increased. Furthermore Chunu was taking advantage from this opportunity. Because he don’t want, Sardar lived in Bokaro, he want to get out Sardar from the Bokaro.
  • Then I packed my clothes to go from Bokaro, but the same night there were riots going outside. Then I hide in my shop, meanwhile Rishi and Jhandu came there, and they were robbing my shop. After that when I went out I saw a fire at my surounded. Because they ruined everything there.

Now, one lady comes to meet Amrita. This lady is calling Amrita’s name is “Amu”. After that she get aware, she is Amrita’s mom, and her father lied to her, that Amrita’s mom has died.

And The Episode 4 Ends Here.

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