Grahan Season 1 Episode 5 story Explanation

“Grahan” Season 1 Episode 5 story Explanation – “Tremendous Way Of Thriller”

Grahan TV Series

Grahan Season 1 Episode 4 end we saw that, Amrita has reached in Bokaro. But her father doesn’t want, that she have to go there. Amrita and Vikas has started their investigation, who’s behind 1984 riots. Furthermore last night Amrita met a lady,and Amrita is thinking that she’s her mother and she is alive. Who is she? If she is Amrita’s mom, then why Rishi lied her? To know more about the show read Grahan Season 1 Episode 5 story Explanation. Moreover click here to check Grahan web-series review.

Grahan Season 1 Episode 5 story Explanation

  • The lady we saw, in last Episode she’s Amrita’s mom, but she’s not Manu. She’s Manu’s friend “Pragya”.
  • Amrita is asking to her mom – Why you are not living with us?
  • Then Pragya replied – I got married from your father, but in reality he loves another one, he never gave me a looks of love, that is why I started to live seprate from your father.
  • Amrita is now getting angry on her mom, because she lived her life without mom, even her mom is alive.
  • After that Amrita and Vikas go to meet Thakur, Thakur is very sick, now they’re asking him about Riots of that night. He’s replying, and taking Rishi’s name that he was involved behind riots. Because he was the special man of Chunu. Now Amrita show him his father pics and said is he the same guy? Then Thakur reply – Yes it is, he and his friend Jhandu was there.
  • Amrita get socked because her father told her, his name is Gurusewak.

Now Amrita is going to meet Pragya, and asking her – Why her father was involved in this mess? And who’s Gurusewak? Then Prgya replied – your dad loved a girl named Manu, and now Manu is living in Canada, after what happened you have to know from your father. Because I can’t tell you anything.

Flashback Story –

We see a flashback story, where at Manu’s home, her father is talking about her marriage with other guy, and who lived in Canada. In the next side Manu doesn’t want to marry with that guy, because she loves Rishi. So after that Manu’s friend Pragya, suggest them to run away from here and live together.

Story Turn in Present –

Amrita and Vikas is going for interogation in a colony, where orphanage people is living, who has lost their everything in that night. Where one girl is saying – I was 8 years, my father hidden me below the bed, where two guys came, and they started to hitted my family, and Guru. Guru was worked in our shop, now he’s living in Gurudwara, where he’s helping those, who have lost their loves one in riots night.

Meanwhile Amrita received a call,from her office, that the death day of Santosh. Someone was trying to many calls to Santosh, and the number saved from Usman name.

Now Amrita and Vikas is going to meet Guru, and he ready to speak all truth in court what he saw, in riots night. Guru is saying in that time, Chunu put a bid 500rs per death of Sardar.

And The Episode 5 Ends Here.

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