The Family Man Season 2 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English – You’ll Check Here A Revolutionary Way & Turn That Will Make You Thrilled.

At the end of The Family Man Season 1 we have seen that Pakistani terrorist tried many attempts to attack in Delhi. Altogether that is mission zulfiqar, meanwhile TASC found about the mission. But they had set their plan B of Mission to nerve gas attack in Delhi. To know more about the show read The Family Man Season 2 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check The Family Man Season 2 review.

The Family Man Season 2 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English

  • The story start from the Tamil rebel who secretly lived in Northen Srilanka. Srilanka army provoked Tamil rebel after the fake murder news of Tamil leader. That is the plan of Srilanka army after heard the news of their leader, Tamil can take action against of SriLankan. And then the Srinlanka Army can find where is the Tamil Rebel.
  • When rebel leader Bhaskar read the news with his younger brother Shubhu, and their partner Deepan, then he order to activate the mission very fast.
  • The Rebel mission is – Tamil Rebel want to kill the SriLanka president Rupatunga, within three days. So they’re planning, and checking weapon with their other partner Selva. Meanwhile SriLanka army attacked on Tamil Rebel, in this attack many Tamil Rebel’s died. But Bhaskaran, Shubhu, and Deepan, run away from there.

India’s PM – Mrs.Basu doen’t allow to enter those Tamil Rebel in India. So that’s why Bhaskaran,Shubhu, and Deepan with the help of their secrets contact Local 52, from the way of international water they reach in London.

In the next scene Srikant Tiwari who’s working in IT company because he left the TASC Job. Where his manager always trouble Srikant for his time and work. Moreover his marriage life is not working good, as previous season.

“Tamil Rabel’s Next Plan”

  • Rebel’s with the help of Srilankan Tamil, want to develope their secret goverment, and want to operate their mission from London. Shubhu is planning to go Chennai for collecting local support from there. Meanwhile Srilankan President Rupatunga got this news and then he called Indian PM – Mrs.Basu, for his help.
  • Moreover Shubhu is not a wanted man, So if Indian army will handover Shubhu to Srilankan army then local Tamil people can protest against PM. But Pm-Basu want to developed a healthy relation with Srilanka, and doesn’t want to disapointment the SriLanka goverment.
  • So Pm-Basu handover this case to TASC.

“The Chemical Factory Truth”

  • In the next scene finally we know what was happened that night on chemical factory. The security authority, successfully stopped the gas leak, but they took more time. They saved Delhi but due to late response, and miscommunication some nearest innocent people died, and some hospitalised.
  • Zoya helped Milliand to took out from the chemical factory, but slowly-slowly she lose her sense and the result she hendicap. Moreover Milliand left the TASC.
  • In the next scene TASC take the help of Chennai Officer Muthu Pandeyan, to nabb Shubhu. Then TASC officer Mr.Kulkarni send JK.Talpade in Chennai to take Shubhu with him.
  • JK reached at time, but Shubhu killed some officer there, and make a family hostages. Srikant is continously taking update from JK in his office. Then SriKant gives an idea to JK, – In this situation take help of retired legendary agent Chellam, moreover he’s good friend of Shubhu’s brother Bhaskaran. The result Srikant idea get work.
  • Then Chellam called Bhaskaran, and Chellam compelled him, to convince your brother Shubhu for surrendor. After that their plan works and Shubhu surrender himself, to TASC.

And The Episode 1 Ends Here.