The Family Man Season 2 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English

The Family Man Season 2 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English – You’ll Check Here An Excited & Strange, Slaughter Things.

The Family Man Season 2 TV Series

At the end of The Family Man Season 2 Episode 1 we have seen that, Tamil rebel Shubhu surrender himself. Moreover Srikant joined IT company, but he’s always looking curious about TASC case. So he’s continously in the touch of JK, and asking every update. To know more about the show read The Family Man Season 2 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check The Family Man Season 2 review.

The Family Man Season 2 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English

  • After failed the mission of Zulfiqar, Sajid (Terrorist), wants to take revenge from Srikant Tiwari. So he set his one man named Salman, to behind Dhriti,(Srikant’s daughter). Salman changed his name “Kalyan”, and trapped Dhriti in his love.
  • Moreover Sajid and Major Sameer is in London. Now Major Sameer send Sajid in India for next mission.
  • In the next scene Deepan called to PM-Secretary and said him, handover Shubhu, to them.
  • But PM-Secretary reply – Shubhu killed some Indian officers, so govt can’t let go him so easily.
  • When the next day they present Shubhu in a court. Then Sajid planned a scooter bomb blast next to the court, and in this blast Shubhu died. Furthermore this has already planned by Major Sameer, to kill Shubhu, and then keep Rebel’s in against of India’s ministry.

After heard the news of Shubhu’s death, his brother Bhaskaran, left the Tamil Rebel’s goverment. Moreover he make Deepan as goverment.

  • After this tragedy PM-Basu, to take everything in control, she oragnise a meeting of “bilateral talk” with Rupatunga, in Chennai.
  • Moreover PM-Basu secretary is making her understand, This meeting could be dangerous for both, because Tamil Rebel’s lose their one more man. But Pm-Basu decided, and she don’t want to change her decison.

Who’s Raji?

  • In the next scene Bhaskaran is thinking, India’s govt and PM, involved in the death of Shubhu. Now Major Sameer is taking advantage of this opportunity and he’s provoking Bhaskaran against India’s PM. Furthermore now they’re planning the death of Rupatunga, and India’s PM.
  • Now Bhaskaran called Selva in Chennai, and asking for a team of soldiers, to execute this attack. Moreover Sajid will help Rebel’s in this mission.

The more dangerous, weapon of this team will be “Raji” who’s soldiers, pilot, and a good fighter. But now she’s working under core in a local small factory.

And The Episode 2 Ends Here.

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