You’ll Get Here An Amazing Devastating Ending In – Tandav Season 1 Episode 9 Story Ending Explanation In English

At the end of Episode 8 we have seen that how Gurpal threat Maithili, and then Maithili is trying to collect proof against Anuradha. After that Maithili gave all proof to Gurpal. Moreover Shiva have made his indepandant party named TANDAV. What will be the election result? Now How will Anuradha save her PM chair? Because Samar have a solid evidence against Anuradha. To know all about that read Tandav Season 1 Episode 9 Story Ending Explanation In English. Furthermore you can watch Tandav full web series in Amazon Prime with subtitles.

“Tandav Season 1 Episode 9 Story Ending Explanation In English”


  • Maithili leave her job and she goes in her home, Anuradha is continously calling her. But she is not picking Anuradha call. After that Samar goes in PM residence, where Samar tell Anuradha about proof against her, and telling her you’ll resign tomorrow.
  • Anuradha – What’s the deal?
  • Samar -You could resign gracefully.
  • Anuradha – But how can I resign without any reason?
  • Samar – I have a plan for you, Well, at your age, chest pain is quite common. people often slip in their bathrooms because of this pain. So you’ll be taken to a hospital tomorrow. Because you’ll be found unconscious in your bathroom, because of the chest pain. After that I’ll handle everything else.
  • Now Gurpal’s men has try to killed Chetan Kranti in the central jail. After that Chetan admitted in the city hospital, where his all friend Sana Mir, Shiva and his family comes to meet him.
  • Doctor is telling about his condition – He’s in a coma,
  • Moreover shiva win the election of college universirty. But he is not looking happy because of his friend condition.

“Sana’s Death”

Here in the next scene Sana Mir went home, where she is telling her sister Ada, – We’re not safe here, They tried to kill Chetan and now it’ll my turn. Just pack your stuff, we have to leave. Meet me at the Khan Market bus stop at 5.00pm.

  • After that Sana call Shiva where she said him – she want to meet him an urgent in college library. Then Shiva reply her- He is coming in 5 minutes. When he reached library he found Proffesor Jigar there, Then Shiva start to find her, After that Shiva goes in her hostel, where he knocked the door but she didn’t open her door. Moreover Shiva break the door he found Sana is hanging, she attempted sucide.
  • Shiva get unconscious to see all things and then he get understand someone is playing with them.
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“Who’ll Be The Next PM?” Tandav Season 1 Episode 9 Story Ending Explanation In English

Now Anuradha has admitted in the hospital according to Samar Pratap Singh plan. Where all news channel making this breaking news. Furthermore Anuradha give resign.

Moreover Samar conjugate all JLD member in parliament. Where all JLD member vote Samar for the next PM, and majority stand with Samar. After that Samar got succeed in his plan, he killed his father for the PM throne, he trapped Anuradha for the PM throne, and finally majority is taking stand for Samar.

But at the last moment Samar has changed his full game. He did something socking for all, he deny to become next PM of the country. Then he announced Gopal Das ji next PM of the country, and Samar tells to everyone – I want to look Gopal Das Ji next PM of the country, becuase he is very old member of our party. Furthermore he did many things for our party. So Im announcing Gopal Das Ji for the PM, and I am sure no one will be trouble from my decision.

And then everyone clapped for him.

And The Season 1 End’s Here.

  • Why Samar deny for his PM throne?
  • Has Sana really attempted a sucide or killed by someone?
  • All suspence of the web series will open in next season, which will release soon.

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