Tandav Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English

Tandav Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English,You’ll Get Here A Sensational, Underhanded Way Of Story

Tandav TV Series

At the end of Episode 7 we have seen that how Samar is convencing Shiva, to join his party. But Shiva gave him a hard shock because he said – I will contest the election, sir. But I won’t do it for your party. I’ll be an independant candidate. Moreover the address searched by Maithili, when she reached, she found Gurpal there. Now What will be the twist ahead in story? To know all about that read Tandav Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore you can watch Tandav full web series in Amazon Prime with subtitles.

“Tandav Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English”


  • Now Gurpal took Maithili in his car. Where Gurpal asked her – Just Four . hours before Devki death, you had received a phone call from the hospital. The caller had informed you about the plan to murder Devki. But you didn’t do nothing.
  • Gurpal – But the main thing is here you guys don’t have any other proof. I can guarntee it. That mean you and Anuradha both knew about the plan, to murder Devki hours before it actually heppened. But you guys didn’t do anything.
  • If you really had any proof, you wouldn’t have dragged your ass all the way out to old Delhi ! Its over now. If you want to save you , then you’ll have to ret Anuradha out.

Here in the next scene Samar looks in Aditi house. Where they both are coming to close of each other.

  • Next day Samar wife Aisha ask to Gurpal – What did Maithili say? What you did with her?
  • Gurpal – Nothing ma’am, I just intimidated her. They have no clue, and anonymous phone call is all they have. They don’t even know if the person calling them was an accountant, a watchman, or a doctor.
  • Aisha – But how did they know about Ackonite?
  • Maithili –I dont get that either ma’am.

“Tandav Party” Tandav Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English

Here in the next scene Shiva is forming his seprate party. furthermore he kept his party name TANDAV, he is giving his speech for winning the heart of students.

Now Sana goes in the jail to meeting with Chetan. Because she wants to tell him all the truth behind his bar. But the lady constable make a call to gurpal and inform him everything about the Sana. After that she get a threat in her inbox and then she shut her mouth.

In the Next scene Shiva is getting worry about the election result. And tomorrow will be the result declare. Moreover Shiva confess his love for Sana, When he tells Sana – He loves her. But she didn’t answer him.

“Maithili Reveal The Truth”

Now Gurpal is threatning Maithili against his family, If she will not collect the evidence against Anuradha.

  • Now Maithili comes in Anuradha home, where she hide mini camera in her blouse, and then start to ask her – Ma’am I want to ask you a question, ma’am if you want you can save Davki Nandan life’s but you didn’t do this why?
  • Meanwhile Anuradha reply to Maithili – She said, from last 10 year I did everything for Devki, I gave him party ticket, and what he gave me? He made me his assistent. I too want to become a PM , and today I got this position. So this the reason why I didnt safe his life.

After that Maithili goes from there, and she give the proof to Gurpal.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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