Money Heist Season 2 Episode 3 Explanation In English & Hindi – Check Here An Exploit Preposterous Look Of Story.

At the end of Money Heist Season 2 Episode 2 we have seen that Tokyo is now out of the house in police custody. Moreover Professor has arrested by the Alberto. But Professor has already gave them training how to handle the situation when anyone get out from the house.Will Tokyo reveal all the truth? To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 2 Episode 3 Explanation In English & Hindi. Moreover click here to check the review of Money Heist Season 2.

“Money Heist Season 2 Episode 3 Explanation In English & Hindi”

Now Professor is in the trap of Alberto, So he call to Raquel – Your ex- husband arrested me. Raquel asked her – What police station are you being held at? Professor reply – I am in canilas. Raquel reply – Okay dont worry Salva! I’ll be there as soon as i can.

  • Raquel is now asking a question to Tokyo – Please tell me who’s professor? Start it from the begening.
  • Tokyo tells her story how he met the professor –But she is distracting her in another talk.
  • Raquel tells her – Silene, I think you’re trying to waste my time. Then she again offerd her she can reduce her prison., if she tells truth. So I’ll give you one last chance before I call the judge. So think about that.
  • Professor ask incharge for toilet? when he go bathroom, he started to punching his stomach. Now Raquel reach that police station. She’s asking him what do yo do? Professor reply – This is all my fault. I touched the topic, what Alberto did with you and with your sister. Then I started a fight. Now my body is feeling pain because he punched me. Raquel see his punch and get angry.
  • Now she went in the office of Alberto and asking him – Why you did it? Alberto tells her – he didn’t do anything, he started everything.
  • Raquel shout there I’am inspector Raquel from headquarters. I want to know who took this an’s statement, and why you haven’t called a doctor , that he’s been beaten by Alberto. Then Raquel file a report of the injuries got Salva against Alberto.
  • Alberto is saying – I swear! I didn’t touch that man. Then he said okay I’ll withdraw the complaint. Then here how professor get out from there.

“Nairobi Is Being Touchy With Rio”

  • In the next scene Robbers is fighting. Furthermore Rio is an unconscious condition. Berlin is trying to keep everything calm. After some time Rio get sense, he find Nairobi with him. Rio is missing Tokyo so Nairobi make him understand, Nairobi is talking with him – If I get out of here, I am going to need a reason to live. I am not asking to marry me. I am just asking to you to make me pregnant.
  • Rio is feeling uneasy so he pushed Nairobi and abuse her.
  • Berlin is looking in stress he’s trying to call Professor, but he’s not answering. But Berlin never show his stress in front of other robbers. Meanwhile Rio did some other mistake – He goes to meet with hostages and revealed their all plan – he said, we’re not going to get out through the hole yo’re digging. We’re going to exit through one that leads directly into the vault. Then Helsinki punched on his head from the gun.
  • Professor is calling now Berlin received – Professor ask why Tokyo being interrogated by the police? Then Nairobi punched a gun on Berlin head and he falls down. Then Nairobi says to Professor – Berlin is indisposed, so from now I am incharge.

“Tokyo Reveal Professor Name” Money Heist Season 2 Episode 3 Explanation In English & Hindi

  • In the next scene Raquel again go to camp, and sharing the story of Angel that he found the man who’s fingerprint matched with the cop car.
  • Raquel is trying to manipulating Tokyo offering her many offer. When they take her in jail then she open her mouth and speak the professor name – “Sergio” His name is Sergio. The heist was his father’s idea. Meanwhile Professor call to Raquel. Raquel receive – He said I’ll let you continue interogating Tokyo she has a lot to tell you. But when you finish your interrogation then call me back.

  • And The Episode Ends Here.