Money Heist Season 2 Episode 4 Explanation In English & Hindi – You May Know Here A Surge Weird Things In Story.

At the end of Money Heist Season 2 Episode 3 we have seen that how all robbers lose their unity. Because of Tokyo, she ruined everything, and result she’s now out of the Mint. She is revealing one by one truth. To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 2 Episode 4 Explanation In English & Hindi. Moreover click here to check the review of Money Heist Season 2.

“Money Heist Season 2 Episode 4 Explanation In English & Hindi”

  • Now Nairobi wants to incharge, she is sharing all story with Professor – Tokyo started all things, she attacked on Berlin to knew another plan. So then Berlin turned her in to the police. Then Rio deserted, he tried to leave. So Berlin almost killed him. Furthermore Helsinki suffocated Oslo. See all the disaster inside the Royal Mint. So I have no choice but take control of the situation until things get back on track!
  • Meanwhile Raquel call Professor – I Professor! I am calling you because Silene Oliveira is going into Provisional custody without bail tonight.
  • Professor reply – I admit you’re winning but this is only one battle. Then he disconnect the call.
  • In the next scene Helsinki tied, Rio hands and keep him with the hostages. Alison is asking what happend with you – He reply – They tried to kill me, they shot almost. Now Arturo is seeking the opportunity and he manipulating all hostages against the robbers. Where Arturo is saying to steal the gun. Then Rio said – You can swap it from your fake weapons. That mean Rio is totally in the side of hostages.
  • Arturo is planning – Monica will exchange the weapon. When Denver calls her in for treatment.
  • Now Monica exchange her fake gun with Denver loaded gun.

“Professor Order To Release Hostages”

  • Now Nairobi is incharge she is managing everything – She is saying the most important thing now is that we all get out of here alive, without making more mistake. Then she asked to Berlin – Are you with me or against? Then Berlin reply – Yes ! Ofcourse I am with you.
  • Nairobi is asking – Berlin tell me what was that plan?
  • Berlin ans her – It’s releasing the cash load in ballons from the roof, popping the ballons with gunfire. Then thousands people will picking up the money. I didn’t say anything because we have to respect the timing.

“Raquel Strategy”

  • In the next scene Professor and Raquel , get physical again.
  • Next day Raquel reach in her office,She is saying – Im starting to think the man out there is the real brains of this operstion. Because he left clues to the estate in that house whrere they got training. Now I know how to catch him?
  • In the next scene Professor is talking with Nairobi – Get the hostages from the basement. Then Nairobi said – But we don’t have enough people to guard the hostages. Professor – We’re gonna release those hostages. Give me an hour.
  • Now Professor call Raquel –I am going to release 11 hostages, under one condition, I want a reporter to cover the news from the inside.
  • Raquel – I can’t force to any civillian to go in.
  • Professor – You don’t need to force them, you just need to suggest them. I am sure there will be many reporters who would volunteer for an interview like that.
  • Raquel reply him – Okay I’ll think.

Raquel is ploting a plan to find that man who is helping robbers from outside. Angel is onlyone who know about him. she’s saying – Get Angel out and take him to a safe space. Then we’ll leak the news of his recovery. Then the man will definitely move, to kill Angel. I don’t want any security of the hospital even a doctor on that floor in which Angel live. On that floor our all people will act like a hospital staff and hospital patient. I am sure the man will definitely try to come hospital.

“Professor Plan Work”

  • Now the reporter is going inside the Mint, now Berlin is giving an interview, where he’s showing that 11 hostages who is releasing soon.
  • Reporter – Why have you made the decision just now, after five days of captivity, to release hostages?
  • Berlin answer very sweetily – The situation is critical, our only option is to surrendor. That’s why you’re here.
  • Reporter – Have you surrendered?
  • Berlin reply – We have become aware that we have lost. Now Berlin is showing Oslo news like how they cops wounded him and now he died. In fact i suffer from a disease called Hellmer’s myopathy. The police knew it, they had no shame in spreading lies about me. I may be a thief, But I have never sold anyone or girls. I am not a pimp. You can ask police which file these cases are kept in.
  • Reporter – You mean, the police have lied to the public?
  • Berlin – Yes they have lied to everyone.

Now Professor call Nairobi – Nairobi tell Rio I am getting Tokyo out of jail. Then Professor tells to Nairobi give a phone to Berlin – Where Professor said Inspector Angel is now out of comma. But Berlin make him understood it can be a trap. But if 1% chance they are not lieing then you have to play it very sharply. Because 50 police will be there.

And The Episode Ends Here.