You Can See A Daring Smash In – Money Heist Season 2 Episode 5 Explanation In English & Hindi

At the end of Money Heist Season 1 Episode 4 we have see that Raquel is ploting plan to trap that man who is helping robbers from outside. Moreover she don’t know, her boyfriend Salva(Professor) is the actual man, that she is finding. Professor is going to getting Tokyo out of jail. T know more about the show read Money Heist Season 2 Episode 5 Explanation In English & Hindi. Moreover click here to check the review of Money Heist Season 2.

“Money Heist Season 2 Episode 5 Explanation In English & Hindi”

In the first scene Nairobi is saying to other hostages – As you all know we’ve released your colleagues, who choose freedom. So nobody has been deceived here, we’ve kept our promise. I swear to you each get your the millions euros.

  • In the next scene Professor doing a makeup like a joker. So here it is the plan of Professor to reach in to the hospital. Furthermore he’s not alone, he’s with the 10 to 11 jokers, who’ve reached inside the hospital. Raquel and her team is seeing all this in hospital cctv. So she ordered to get out all of these from the hospital.
  • Professor is now in the look of joker, he have a teddy in his hand. Moreover he attached the camera on teddy, now he give that teddy to a little boy. Then the boy enter into the room of Angel, Professor is watching all activity in his tablet, then he get understood this is a trap.
  • In the next scene next day all news channel is showing this news – We’ve been able to verify that there’s no open case against Fonollosa (Berlin), for human trafficking,or pimping.
  • Now Arturo have a loaded gun and he’s planning to kill Denver. He attacked on Denver. Meanwhile Nairobi and Berlin is giving Rio a good news that Professor is going to free Tokyo from the jail. After that Rio tells to Berlin and Nairobi the hostages are escaping, they exchange Denver gun. When they all reach there they find Arturo is pointing the gun on Denver, and threatning to kill Denver. Meanwhile Monica punched on Arturo’s head.

“Professor Again On Trap”

  • Now Salva and Raquel meets in coffee shop, he talk with her. Meanwhile Raquel notice a joker hair on Professor shirt. Now she confirmed the man who is helping robbers from outside is Salva(Professor). Raquel suddenly understood that she had fallen love with the Spain’s most wanted bank robber. Then she remind everything about Professor.
  • Alberto is too suspecting on Salva. So he decide to get prints of Salva where he touched, Alberto’s car, and in office.
  • In the next scene Tokyo is just following the instructions that the professor gave them in training period.

Now Raquel ask professor to come in ladies toilet. When he come there, he point the gun on Professor. Because this time Raquel is something much stronger than a suspicion.

“Hostages Punished”

  • Now Helsinki, take Arturo with him, and speak him – If I shoot you, You just die. You don’t suffer anything, Because of Arturo, Oslo died. Because of Arturo Denver almost died. Now Helsinki attached some explosive bomb with the help of tap in his body. Then Helsinki tells him – If you remove the cable, it blows. If you make a fast movement, if you sweat it blows.
  • Now Berlin is too excited to punish other hostages for what they’ve done. Where he speak to hostages – You all are going to dig the tunnel, until your hands bleed ! at night, at day, you’ll keep on digging.

And The Episode Ends Here.