Samantar Season 2 Episode 3 Story Explanation

Samantar Season 2 Episode 3 Story Explanation – “Remarkable Plummet”

Samantar TV Series

Now we see, Kumar wife Neema goes to Mumbai. So Here in the next side Kumar met a girl, and he get attract towards her, after see her, one glimpse. To know the story ahead read Samantar Season 2 Episode 3 Story Explanation. Moreover click here to check Samantar Season 1 review. Here you can check Samantar Season 2 Episode 1 & Episode 2

In the starting of the Episode we see Chakrapani fall in love with this girl, and he’s calling her Sundara. But Sundara is not looking intrested in Chakrapani, but she need some money so she decide to go to meet Chakrapani.

  • Story we see in present – where Pratap again send a full bag of money as a bribe to Kumar. But Kumar is not accepting his money. After that his boss convince Kumar, atleast he have to meet Pratap once. Then finally he get ready to go in Prtap house.
  • When he reach there, he find the same girl, whom he met last time. But he saw her, intimated with Pratap. Now Kumar kept a bag of money in Pratap gate.

Kumar’s wife Neema, is looking the same visual many time, that Kumar is living with another girl. So that is why she decide to call him, But Kumar didn’t receive her call. She tried to call him many time, but he’s not responding her call.

Samantar Season 2 Episode 3 Story Explanation

  • Neema is looking worry, so she decide to go to meet a Guruji. When she reach there, Guruji already know, why she’s there, he already know that Neema wants to ask about her husband Kumar. But Guru ji tells her – When you’ll get a right time, then I’ll speak everything.
  • Moreover here we know, 30 years ago Chakrapani‘s wife Bhakhti had came there to ask about her husband. That time too Guru ji didn’t tell her anything.

In the next scene, we see, Meera, goes to meet Kumar, because of Prtap project deal. Furthermore Meera appologize, for that what Kumar saw, in their house.

After some time, Kumar received a message from unknown number, in which sender is sending Meera’s nude pics to him.

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