Samantar Season 2 Episode 1 Story Explanation – “Remarkable Plummet”

Samantar Season 2 is streaming on MX-Player. Moreover  The Web Series script circling the life of Manoj Kolhatkar and Swwapnil Joshi. Samantar Season 2 will also be dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, and Telegu, with all three languages. So you’ll click here to check Samantar Season 2 Episode 1 Story Explanation. Moreover click here to check Samantar Season 1 review.

Smantar Season 2 is directly linked with the season 1 story. So here Kumar’s wife “Neema” is living in her dad house. Because Kumar didn’t pay his house rent from last two months.

In the next scene we saw, Neema’s father hate Kumar, because he think he’s useless & rogue. But Neema’s thought is different, and she think her husband is struggler.

  • Now Neema gives a surprise to Kumar, because she reached in Panhala. Here we see, Kumar is looking very happy after two year, he got promotion, and now he’s manager in his company. So Company gifted a car, and luxurious house to him.
  • 30 years ago – “Chakrapani” got same promotion, and company provided him a car, and a house. But Chakrapani did take the bribe, and Now Kumar quit taking bribe.

Partap Bhaveshkaran a biggest man of Panhala, he’s the old client of Kumar’s company. Partap took some money for Kumar, because Partap want buy him, furthermore Kumar boss is accept with Partap prposal. But Kumar deny and he said him to go from his office.

When Partap return from Kumar’s office, his wife Meera was waiting for him outside the office. Then Kumar saw – Partap tow his wife inside the car. After that Kumar felt very awkward.

Samantar Season 2 Episode 1 Story Explanation

At the end of Season 1 as we all know, – Kumar life’s all incident is going simmilar and same, As 30 years ago Chakrapani life was going. So Kumar is seeing Chakrapani‘s diary to know what will next to happen in his life. Then he find Chakrapani loved his wife very much but even he start to liked another girl. After that Kumar get surprise, because he’s too loved his life very much, so he scare, because he don’t want betray his wife.