Samantar Season 2 Episode 2 Story Explanation – “Remarkable Plummet”

When Kumar read Chakrapani diary he found he started to like another gir. So kumar is scaring if the same incident will happens with him. To know the story ahead read Samantar Season 2 Episode 2 Story Explanation. Moreover click here to check Samantar Season 1 review. Check here Samantar Season 1 Episode 1.

Kumar can’t read the next page of Chakrapani‘s diary, because as per their deal he can read his diary’s 1 page in a day. Now Neema feel some visions, that Kumar is sitting with another girl. When Neema shared this, with the Kumar, he look worry.

In the next scene story turns in flashback, where we see Chakrapani‘s story – `Chakrapani met a girl in past, when he see her, he get attract towards her, and he start to click her pictures from his cameras. Then Chakrapani give her a lift, and here they talk casually.

Now story turns in present – Where Kumar is scaring, and he’s staying away from all the girls in his office. After that we see, Kumar is not dealing with good in his female client. Because he’s thinking same things, that he saw in Chakrapani‘s diary.

Now we see, flashback –

When Chakrapani return in his home, he found a letter, has written by his wife Bhakthi. Where she write, she’s going Mumbai an urgently, because someone is very sick in her family.

Samantar Season 2 Episode 2 Story Explanation

When story turn in present we see, –

  • Kumar arrived at his home, Neema is being romantic with him, but Kumar is frustrated because fear of another girl. Meanwhile they start to fight there, moreover an accidentally Kumar pushed Neema. Consequently Kumar child saw them like this.
  • Neema is now angry so she decide to go Mumbai, Kumar appologize his mistake, but she packed her clothes, and go from there with her child.

That mean same incident is happening with Kumar, as Chakrapani faced 30 years ago.

After that Kumar look very sad, so he start to drink alcohol, and he was in tipsy state. Kumar decide to go in medical shop, for some headache medicine, here he find a girl, after her one glimpse, Kumar attracted towards her. This is the same girl as we saw her, in Chakrapani‘s timeline.

Now Kumar is thinking about her.