“Maharani” Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation – “Wicked Spotlight”

 Maharani Season 1 Episode 4 we have seen that, DGP arrested Kuwar Singh who is involving in all murders at Bihar. Moreover you can find here another movies review. Check here Maharani Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation.

CM Rani is going to meet Kuwar Singh and asking him –Why you all’re killing innocent creature. But Kuwar Singh reply to her – he’s working virtuous to kill vamp people like them in this earth. Rani is asking for Mukhya? who is Mukhya? Then Kuwar reply to her – Mukhya is everywhere, in your politics, in your police station, may be at your home he’s everywhere. So how many Mukhya you and your team will go to find?

“Mahamahim” is going to meet Bheema, and praising Rani’s work. When Bheema is asking him, who is Mukhya and why he’s killing everyone? Then Mahamahim reply – Those people like Mukhya can’t see the lower caste people emerging and equalities.

In the next side CM Rani is working on pending scheme of previous CM. But all scheme has stopped due to lack of fund. Because someone is there, who is quietly stopping & disappearing goverment fund. Therefore Rani is investigating the robber of fund robbery.

  • Financial secretary is going in treasury office for investigation but who made bills record of treasury funds is missing due to his unhealth condition. After that “Financial secretary Parvesh” start to suspicious on them, he’s feeling that they’re giving excuse to hide goverment funds.
  • After that at the same night Parvesh is going to treasury office quietly and he check the all bills details there. So he find a major bribe in bills.

Maharani Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation

Next day he goes to meet, Rani and tells her – 27crore cash had withdrawl from animal husbandry department. Moreover there is 48 treasury department in Bihar. Rani is allowing him to investigate all treasury department.

In the next scene, Rani take a big decision, that she’ll handle the post of Home-ministry and financial minister. Furtherore she didn’t ask Bheema and secretary Mishra about her decison. Due to this CM Bheema and Mishra is looking angry with her, because it can affect party reputation.

After all investigation, Parvesh inform CM-Rani there is 958crore of scam he find in treausry department.

And The Episode Ends Here.