Maharani Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation

“Maharani” Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation – “Wicked Spotlight”

Maharani TV Series

Maharani Season 1 Episode 5 we have seen that Parvesh inform CM-Rani there is 958crore of scam he find in treausry department. Moreover you can find here another movies review. Check here Maharani Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation.

Parvesh is asking question from all officer, but they’re hiring a lawyer to react on Parvesh questioning. So one of the officer is getting agree for public witness. He’s saying – this scam is going from since last eight year. Animal husbandry department is responsible for 958 crore of scam, Minister -Prem Kumar is the head of this operation.

  • Rani suspended 16 majistrate officer from the different-different district. Moreover Rani is warning Prem-Kumar for his resignation from minister post.
  • Bheema and Mishra is looking in stress because of Rani. Prem-Kumar belongs to higher caste, if he’ll give his resignation then all party member will disintegrate. Therefore Bheema warn Rani, Party will decide, who will be the member of party and who not. But Rani has stuck to her stubbornness.

In the next scene Gauri Shankar is going to meet a “baba”. Gauri Shankar is taking help from him, because Mukhya is thinking, Gauri Shankar is responsible for Kuwar Singh is in police custody. But Baba is replying – if you’re too little involve in this case, then Mukhya will not forgive you, and no one can safe you from him.

Now we see, Prem Kumar is threatning Parvesh, and asking him to leave the city within next 10 days. Other wise Prem Kumar man’s will kill him.

Maharani Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation

Next day 958 crore of scam in animal husbandry department – this news get viral. But the CM is looking worry and thinking who leak this information. Then Bheema tells Rani, – May be Parvesh leaked this information because he’s the pet of Naveen.

When Rani ask Parvesh, he reply – No one force me to do this, This is public right to know what is going in our politics. That is why he leaked this information with the media.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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