“Maharani” Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation – “Wicked Spotlight”

Maharani Season 1 Episode 3 we have seen that, Rani is now handling Bheema’s position to fulfill his dream. Moreover you can find here another movies review. Check here Maharani Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation.

In the first scene we see, killer of the CM, is eating food in Kuwar Singh house, furthermore Police is helping them. So the police men is updating Kuwar Singh time to time, what is the next step of DGP. That is why Police and Kuwar Singh come together to kill those men who attacked on CM.

When DGP comes at the place of accident, to rescue them, he understood, someone is from police station had killed them. Finally DGP found his junior is supporting the killer, and DGP slap him, but the police man is showing attitude because he belongs to higher caste and DGP is from lower caste.

  • In the next side Naveen is taking help of MAHAMAHEEM for parliament next meeting. When they conjugate there, he started to make fun of Rani’s party. Rani is looking nervous. Naveen is asking in parliament – Rani is illetrate, how can she handle the whole state, even she can’t read a single word. CM is inexperienced, and she don’t have any knowledge of politics, then how she’ll able to handle CM throne?
  • Meanwhile Rani answer in parliament – Yes I am illetrate, because i studied till 4th standard. And the goverment just like your politics is responsible for this. Because goverment promised us, to situated a secondary school in our village, but yet it doesn’t develop. So I am the one who have upbringing to seen those small probleam from my childhood to till now. Therefore I can understand the probleam in state, and I know how politics works.

Maharani Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation

After heard Rani’s statement at parliament all have there, start to applauding.

In the next scene at LaxamanPur village, in one marriage function, Mukhya’s man come there, and killed everyone there. Next day when Rani reached there, she get emotional and cried to see many dead body in front of her.

Rani is threatning the whole department and DGP and giving them 13 days of time period if they unable to find the people behind this mess, then she’ll resticate everyone from their job.

  • Now police get a lead, at BABANGAMA village Mukhya’s man is hiding. Police is now plotting plan to grab them, meanwhile, Mukhya’s man started to attack on police, and they surrounds police.
  • DGP is making a phone calls to GauriShankar, and requesting him to save his life from those hector of Mukhya. In return Gauri Shankar is asking for 70lakh Rs from DGP. Then GauriShankar calls to Kuwar Singh, to stop the attack on police.

But this was the plan of DGP, to grab Kuwar Singh and his man. Finally they successfully arrested Kuwar Singh.

And The Episode Ends Here.