Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation –

click here to check Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 1 & Episode 2 full review. Harun took a big amount of bribe to release Afnan from the hit & drive case. Consequently Abir he did not do anything and police arrested him without any reason. To know full story here read Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation. Moreover Click here to check another movies review.

Now media crowd is gathering outside the police station. After that Harun get hyper and start to shout on his team, that who is here who tried to call media.

  • Now this news got viral of minister’s son, so here to solve this case, commisioner officer send A.C.P Sahana to there. After that officer Sahana, is hearing full story of the case from Harun.
  • Then Harun is speaking – It was an accident case, and after that, the dead body disappeared from the place. So no one knows about the dead body.
  • Now Sahana is investigating this case, moreover she tells Harun to find dead body.
  • After some time, Sahana goes to interrogate Afnan, she doesn’t respect him, as he’s getting from Harun, because of minister’s son.
  • Sahana is asking – Are you in drunk during accident? But Afnan deny, he was not drunk.
  • Therefore Sahana order to her staff, to call medical team here, for Alcohol test of Afnan.
  • Then Sahana again ask to him about Victim dead body? Meanwhile he reply – Police arrest him, after just an accident, so he don’t know anything about the victim.

Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation

Now Moloy is telling to Sahana – A while ago, an eye witness of related this case, came police station for file a FIR against of Afnan. But Harun sir threatened him, and then he went. Sahana is getting angry, and gives an instruction to Moloy to find the eye witness.

Afnan get disturbed to stay long in a police station, so he demand for car key from his father assistent Amjad. But Amjad refuse to provide him, his car key. Meanwhile Harun comes there, then Afnan an indignant slap Harun.

And The Episode 3 Ends Here.