Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation –

click here to check Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 1 full review. To make some money from Abir, Harun forcefully arrest him, in drunk and drive case. Moreover Abir was not drunk. To know full story here read –Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation. Moreover Click here to check another movies review.

  • At the same night police arrested Afnan in hit & run case. where Afnan is smoking in front of Harun. After that Harun slaps him, because of, he get unconscious.
  • When next morning Afnan awake, and get conscious, Harun get aware, that Afnan is the son of upcoming minister Aalamgir. Then Harun start to talk to him very politely, because Afnan is a VIP.

Now Afnan is telling, it was not hit and run case, it was just an accident. When he returned from his party he accidentally bumped a cycle from his car.

Meanwhile a guy his name is Sintu, come police station for complaint a FIR. Sintu was the eye witness of an accident, that he saw last night, a car bumped a cycle. Now Sintu is complainting from Moloy.

  • When Moloy shared this news with the Harun, Harun knew it that Afnan is the son of minister, so he can make a big amount from this case.
  • After that Harun is making Sintu understand – the man was in the car is richest and polpular man, and you can’t defeat Afnan. So you will have to take back your FIR against on Afnan. After that Sintu take back his FIR and goes from there.

Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation

  • Now Afnan father is sending his consultent Amjad in police station to release Afnan from there.
  • Meanwhile Harun is saying – that he have three eye – witness against of Afnan, to resolve the case, and to keep quiet their mouth, he need 20lakh of cash money. Then Amjad get ready with the Harun deal.

Now Harun quietly goes in control room, and delete all photages, of Afnan accident.

in the next side Abir is troubling in police station, because he did not do anything and police arrested him without any reason.

And The Episode 2 Ends Here.