The Family Man Season 2 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English – You’ll Get Here An Energize Way Of Thriller With The Lot Of Great Suspence.

At the end of The Family Man Season 2 Episode 4 we have seen that Srkant reached in Chennai. Furthermore they started to find all Rebel’s safe house there. But when they reached in Raji’s house, inspector Devdarshni found them with the disintegrated body. How will be the story turn ahead? What kind of other difficulties Srikant face after join TASC again? Will they able to find the mission of Rebels ? To know more about the show read The Family Man Season 2 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check The Family Man Season 2 review.

The Family Man Season 2 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English

  • Now Dev Darshani arrest Srikant and Jk. Because she caught Srikant and JK with the body in Raji’s house. Moreover due to some language barrier probleam, they spend over night behind the bar.
  • In the next morning, Muthu Pandian the local officer, comes there and get out them from the bar. Now Dev-Darshani appologize her mistake and felt sorry.
  • Now Dev-Darshani joined the case with them.

Dev-Darshani show him Raji’s image, then Srikant understood, that Raji may be the Rebel’s soldier.

  • In the next scene, when Srikant talk to his son, Atharv. He told Srikant that Suchitra joined the job again. and Right now she’s in the office.
  • After the all investigation and research, Srikant got confirmed, that Raji is one of the Tamil Rebel’s soldier.
  • In the next scene all Rebel’s with the help of Local 52, is planning to reach in Sri-Lanka, and then collect all explosive from there.
  • TASC heard Rebel’s communication. But they don’t understand to decode Rebel’s communication.
  • After order from Indian PM, Deepan start to keep eyes on Bhaskaran.
  • Now Sameer share this news to Bhaskaran, and help Bhaskaran to shift from London to France.

“Raji Killed Jabaraj”

  • In the next scene Sajid and Raji with the help of Local 52’s one man Jabaraj, they find the explosive, which is hide in Sri Lanka. But when they return from there, Raji and Sajid killed some Sri-Lankan soldiers. After that Jabaraj get puzzled, and he started to shout on them. The result Raji killed Jabaraj.

And The Episode 5 Ends Here.

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