“Sunflower” Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation – “Sensational Fun Thriller”

At the end of Sunflower Season 1 Episode 4 we have seen Sonu’s life in office and at home. Moreover how he scared talk to Aanchal, and how his friend betrayed him in his office, while stolen Sonu’s product. Furthermore police is too strong susoicious on Sonu. To know more about the show read Sunflower Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation. Moreover click here to check Sunflower Zee5 Web-series review.

Sunflower Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation.

  • Mr. Ahuja hidden that coconut water in his house, which has drunk by Mr.Kapoor. So Mr.Ahuja many time try to throw, that but he observe police is always standing there to keep eyes on society. So one day he keep that Coconut water in outside the Sonu’s door.
  • When Sonu saw, he throw that, in his dust-bin.

Now we see story in flashback –

Mr. Kapoor & Mr.Ahuja is fighting for parking. Moreover Mr.Ahuja always set a plan in his mind, how he can kill Mr.Kapoor.

Now Story turn in present –

  • In the next scene inspector again investigating Mr.Kapoor apartment. Because they have straw in their evidence, so they’re trying to find coconut water.
  • Now we see, Sonu have a many blank injection, in his room. So he decide to sell them, But the shop-keeper didn’t buy, so Sonu gave him all injection at free of cost. Meanwhile two police employee is following Sonu, Because Inspector Ahuja is suspicious on Sonu.

Police Find Bromathalin Bottle

  • Moreover in Sunflower society, police find a bottle of Bromathalin chemical, in bird’s nest. So inspector Chetan goes Sonu’s office, where his all colleagues is looking at Sonu & Chetan. Furthermore Inspector Chetan said, in his office to all that, Sonu is helping us to solve a case.
  • After heard this, Aanchal got impress from Sonu.
  • Inspector Chetan is asking him about Bromathalin, and the box of injection.
  • Then Sonu reply in normal way, he kept Bromathalin for mouse. Moreover two months before, he was a medicine ripresentative, So medicine and injection he took, from his old company’s.

Now police called, in his previous company, and then they confirm Sonu left his job two months before, from Pharmacetcuel company.

And The Episode 5 Ends Here.