“Sunflower” Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation – “A Pointless Delighted”

At the end of Sunflower Season 1 Episode 5 we have seen that Police found Sonu, with some injection. Moreover they found bromathalin bottles. When they ask Sonu about all, he replied he used Bromathalin poison for mouse. Furthermore 2 months ago he worked, in pharmacatcuel company, so the all syrenge and medicine was from the previous company. To know more about the show read Sunflower Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation. Moreover click here to check Sunflower Zee5 Web-series review.

Sunflower Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation.

  • After police-station, Sonu goes to office, – where he saw, his boss is shouting on each employee. Because one lipstick, by mistake Sonu took in his home, and then there one girl stolen the lipstick from Sonu’s washroom. Furthermore the girl is Sonu’s boss daughter.
  • Moreover, lipstick was under testing stage, so it’s not launched in market. Therefore owner of the company is shouting, who leak our company’s new product.
  • In the next scene, Aanchal is fully impressed from Sonu. So now they’re talking casually. Aanchal and Sonu is now going to club, where Aanchal provide him, some bug, and he’s an inebriate condition.
  • Justina & Gurleen is in same club, Justina comes to close of Sonu. When Aanchal see them together, she instantly breakup with Sonu.
  • After some time when Sonu get conscious, he found himself in Gurleen’s apartment, with half naked. Furthermore he lost his Apartment key, so he’s finding his key.
  • Moreover he saw, company’s owner and his daughter there. To hide from there, through the window, he reach in one old man Apartment.

Sonu’s Bad-Luck

Furthermore old man is suffering from heart attack, then he request sonu to admit him at Hospital. Then Sonu wear his cloth and go to hospital. Doctor said – patient is normal, he have just acidity probleam, not a heart attack.

In the next scene, in Sonu’s office his owner and employee is now aware that Sonu theft the Lipstick. Because they find in CCTV photages, that Sonu stolen new skirt, Altogether owner’s daughter recognise Sonu and said this is the same man.

Gurleen selected for Indian Idol stage, when she start singing, She sings very bad. Then the judges said her to leave the stage. This is why, her husband and father in law doesn’t want she sung.

And The Episode Ends Here.