“Sunflower” Season 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 7 & 8) – Lurking Secrets.

At the end of Sunflower season 1 Episode 6 we have seen, Sonu’s bad luck story. Police is suspecting on Sonu as a victim killer. Furthermore Aanchal break up with Sonu, altogether, his boss caught him, to stolen company’s new product. To know more about the show read Sunflower Season 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 7 & 8). Moreover click here to check Sunflower Zee5 Web-series review.

Sunflower Season 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 7 & 8)

Inspector Chetan, is going Mr.Kapoor’s ex-wife home for investigation, where he found his ex-wife got married to Mr.Kapoor Younger brother.

Inspector Diggi is investigating, Mr. Ahuja’s house. Where he found his washroom vent is open. He asked Mr.Ahuja some question, and after that he get more strong suspicious on Mr.Ahuja.

  • When Inspector Diggi inform Inspector chetan, about Mr.Ahuja. Meanwhile, he get another clue, they get a picture, in which Mr.Kapoor and Sonu is looking together, with bride and groom.
  • Now police go to meet, this bride. Where she said –

Story turn in flashback –

  • The bride, her name is Juhi. Furthermore she is Sonu’s ex-girlfriend. Juhi is the personal secretary of Mr.Kapoor. One day a rich business visit Mr.Kapoor company. Moreover where he saw Juhi, he start to like her. But Juhi is commited with Sonu.
  • Then Mr.Kapoor cajoling Juhi, there he’s provoking Juhi against Sonu, and he start to back bitching of Sonu. Furthermore Sonu is listening their all talk, but when he come there, he behave normally.
  • So Mr.Kapoor is responsible for Sonu’s break-up with Juhi.

Now story turn in present –

  • After heard Juhi, police is now confirm that killer will be Sonu. So now police is behind Sonu, they’re searching him.
  • Because Sonu has lose their apartment key in last night party. So he go to key-blower shop to make a new key of his house, but he was alone in his shop so he deny to go with Sonu. Then Sonu suggest him, that Sonu’ll stay in his shop, till then he’ll go in Sonu’s apartment and make a new key of his lock there.

Sonu Kidnapped

Now he get agree, meanwhile police reach in Sonu’s house, where the man gave police his shop adress, and said he’s there. Inspector Chetan reached there, but Sonu has kidnapped by someone.

Inspector Chetan is finding him, and he’s thinking sonu is hiding from police. In the next side Police is breaking Sonu’s apartment door for collecting some evidence from there. Inspector Diggi find, coconut water in Sonu’s dustbin, which has used by Mr.Kapoor. Then they get 100% sure , Sonu is killer.

At the end we see, Sonu has kidnapped by Gurleen’s father-in-law, and they are taking him Amritshahar.

And The Season 1 Ends Here.