Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story Season 01 Episode 05 Story Explanation In English

At the end of Episode 04 we have seen that income tax team have sealed Harshad all account and his office too. How long Harshad office will shut? Is RBI able to find 500crore scam by Harshad from the SBI bank? So to know all about that read Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story Season 01 Episode 05 Story Explanation.

Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story Season 01 Episode 05 Story Explanation

” Kundali Me Shani”

  • RBI governer Mr.S. Venkitaramanan ask to income tax officer MR.Ramaswami – Have your team find something?
  • Then Ramaswami reply – Sir Harshad knew everything. When, where, how, which route, we were coming by. Consequently we weren’t going to find any documents. Because he has hidden everything before we reached. When our team reached Growmore they were told that all the documents are in the computer. But nobody knew the password, and the computer operator was on leave. So he had gone to his village.
  • S. Venkitaramanan – But I don’t think he’s coming back.
  • Ramaswami –Exactly sir. Thats why we’ve called in an expert from coimbatore to crack it.But he is saying that it will take some more time.
  • S. Venkitaramanan– Please keep me regularly updated on this.

“Sitaraman worried about BRs and Security”

  • Sitaraman called Harshad –Goiporia sir has called for your bank statement. I heard that the order came directly from RBI. I am feeling very worried sir. Please settle all our accounts, you haven’t even given me the BRs.
  • Harshad – You will get your 170crores but the 500crore, must stay out of the books.
  • Next day Sitaraman goes in SBI office and remove 500crore entery from SBI book.

“Harshad meets with .S. Venkitaramanan

  • Harshad – Sir, India’s foreign and domestic dept probleam can only be solved by the capital markets and direct portfolio investments.
  • S.Venkitaramanan – Mr.Mehta i’ve heard about your multiple theories but this this exceptionally wrong.I am getting late for my next meeting so good bye.
  • Next day SBI officers calculate the book and they find error in it.They goes to meet with Khemani and tells him – Sir we thought this might be a regular calculation error. It happens, during the reconcillation. But sir, this time it’s not a small error, it’s look like a big one. 574crores are missing from our accounts.
  • Khemani – 500crore amounts is very huge amounts. Sitaraman he’s the one who brought the files from RBI. Does Sitaraman have BRs and Securities against this?
  • SBI security officers – Not sure sir. Because Sitaraman is on leave since yesterday.
  • Khemani – Go immediately check his desk, cupboards, file everything.&Bring Sitaraman from his village.

Next day the security officers Rajan bring back Sitaraman.

  • Sitaraman – Sorry sir. BRs are there sir, but they are not with me.
  • Khemani – Whom are they with?
  • Sitaraman – Harshad Mehta.

Now Khemani meets with Harshad.

  • Khemani – I want my books to be clean Mr. Mehta.Please either give me BRs or the Securities.
  • Harshad – Give me one week. Then I’ll settle everything.
  • Khemani – Okay.

“Ashwin fear” Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story Season 01 Episode 05 Story

  • Ashwin – I know i got very angry the other days. But that wasn’t my anger it was my fear. Tell me how much time have you bought?
  • Harshad – A week. On one hand this IT raid, and on the other that RBI governer, now new probleam with SBI and all of it just when we need money to keep the market up.

Next day Harshad call swami ji in Delhi and manage the all payments from National Housing Bank. Then Harshad gave all money to SBI.

“Tyagi Planning Aggainst Harshad”

  • Tyagi call Ajay Kedia and tells him – Harshad taken 500crore rupees from SBI without any BRs or SGL. Now he is returning the money because he’s been exposed this news were to get leaked. It’s not a small matter, he has conned SBI, it’s a fraud.
  • If this news gets leaked the entire market will be shaken.
  • Ajay Kedia – Who will leak it? Additionally do we have any friend at SBI?
  • Tyagi – Yes . Sharad bellary.

And Then The Episode Ends Here.