The Empire Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English

The Empire Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation –

The Empire TV Series

At the end of “The Empire” Episode 2 we saw that, –Babar is eager to go Hindustan since from his childhood.  Altogether after demise of his father, Babar is now Ferghana‘s new king. Moreover you can find here another movies review. You’ll get here The Empire Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation.

Babur and Wazir Khan with their commander, has gone into SamarKand, because he want to kill Shaibani and rule there.

But Shaibani has reached at Ferghana, everyone stood up in fear there. After that Shaibani, meet to late Umar Shaikh concubine and his illegitimate son. Shaibani is provoking them, as long as Kings real blood alive no one can sit on throne.

  • In the next scene Babur and Wazir Khan is searching Shaibani at Samarkand. But they are unaware that Shaibani is at Ferghana. Babur’s cousin brother Mehmood is helping Babur and Wazir. Then Wazir is asking to Mehmood – why do you want to help us?
  • Mehmood reply that he loves a girl, and her name is Nishqa. Nishqa is the daughter of Abu Bakshi. Moreover Abu Bakshi may tell them where is Shaibani?

Now scene shifted and Wazir, Babur & Mehmood cross the wall of Samarkand. But a commander grab them and asked them what they are doing here? Meanwhile Mehmood has killed Abu Bakshi’s commander, and go further quietly.

Finally they meet to Abu Bakshi’s daughter Nishqa and asking her Shaibani’s adress – But Nishqa doesn’t want to betray her dad. Because Abu Baksi is the special man of Shaibani, and Nishqa doesn’t want to go against of her dad.

  • In the next scene we see in Ferghana, here Umar concubine comes to meet Shaibani. Where she is requesting to Shaibani – she want to make her son rule in Ferghana under Shaibani’s shadows.
  • Therefore Shaibani reply – If your son really wants to rule in Ferghana, then he have to prove, that he’ll deserve or not? So Shaibani is giving him a task in Shaibani’s absent handle everything in palace.

Now scene shifted, Babur and Wazir get aware that Shaibani imprisoned Babur’s family. Therefore Babur is now ready to give him Ferghana. In return Babur wants his family release soon. Now Shaibani released Babur family and they reached in Samarkand.

Furthermore Shaibani killed Umar Shaikh illegitimate son. In the next side Babur set on the throne of Samarkand, and Shaibani is at Ferghana.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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