You’ll Get Here An Amazing Frenzy Twist The Way Of Murder Revealed By Anuradha In Tandav Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English

At the end of Episode 2 we have seen that how VNU student and Shiva acted same situation which has suffered by the farmers. And then they posted that video on their social media handle. So Will VNU student get able to out his friend from the jail? Moreover who will be the next PM of country? To know all about the episode read Tandav Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore you can watch Tandav full web series in Amazon Prime with subtitles.

“Tandav Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English”


Now Anuradha personal asistent Maithili picked an unknown call. Who wants to talk with Anuradha. Maithili asked him what do you want and who are you? Then the men in the call tells to Maithili, Devki Nandan didn’t sccumbed by the heart attack, he have murdered by someone. Then Maithili asked for proof but he requested 100crore from them. Maithili asked him for his address and request him to give her a small proof. The men in the call took 1crore from Maithili and give her a little proof, which is a paper, in which ACKONITE has written.

Now all party members, army’s , and his family member is doing fuenral of Devki Nandan. After some time Anuradha gives a hug to Samar, and whispered in his ear and said – Tomorrow you are giving me the throne of your dad, because I know you killed your father by Ackonite. Samar get surprised after hear these words from Anuradha, because he has shocked who will reveal Devki death mystery to Anuradha.

  • Now Samar is getting angry with Divya and news director who is involve in this death mystery. He shouted on him and said who reveal this? How does Anuradha know?
  • Then Divya replied – I’ve known Dr. Pathak and Dr. Sooraj, for fifteen years. If my sense and intuiion is right they won’t betray us.
  • Samar – If this come to limelight, then I am not the only one involved, we’re all in this together.
  • Then Samar ordered Gurpal – Get all the information you can about these doctors. I wanted know how this information has leaked!

“Shiva Become A Star”

  • Now Shiva video got viral in all over the india. And everyone wants him in politics. But he is denying to join politics because his aim to clear upsc exam.
  • After Shiva’s viral video police decide to left his friend Imran from the bar.

Here in the next scene Sana is looking being closed with his Proffesor in the library of the college. Furthermore proffesor Jigar has already married. Moreover Jigar wife Sandhya have also an extra marital affair with Kailash Kumar who is JLD party member. And Sandhya wants to divorce Jigar.

“Next PM Anuradha” Tandav Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English

Now all JLD members conjugating in parliament for next PM selection. Where all the party member give vote to Samar Prtap for the next PM. But he deny to take a throne of PM, and announce Anuradha Kishore PM of the country.

In the other side all farmer’s is praising Shiva for his honesty with them. Furthermore Shiva is showing his anger to all JLD party and Anuradha Kishore, because they doesn’t show any care for that two person who has killed in protesting. Moreover Shiva debate is covering by many news channel.

In Tandav, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub basically plays himself - Binge Watch News

“Chanakya Niti”

  • Samar is showing his anger, because he wanted to be PM. But he announce Anuradha name for the PM. So he decided and said to Gurpal – It’s time we change the rule of this game.
  • Gurpal – I didn’t get you sir!
  • Samar – If you can’t be the king, be the kingmaker. Do you know Gurpal When Chanakya wanted to overthrow Dhana-Nand, then he used Chandragupta.
  • And then Samar point out on Shiva and tells to Gurpal and I have found my Chandragupta. Get me more information on this boy.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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