Special Ops Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English – Here You’ll Get A Frantic Revolutionary & Astonishing Way Of Turn.

At the end of Special Ops Season 1 Episode 2 we have seen that Himmat Singh 2nd day of Inquiry ended. Moreover where he disclose his Agent’s mission how they helped RAW. Furthermore the story is turning in between present and past. To Know more about the show read Special Ops Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check Special Ops review.

“Special Ops Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English”

In the first scene Himmat Singh to keep eyes on her daughter, he hacked her phone. Her all social media accounts and all call.

Abbas from Delhi police received a call from senior officer, where he got Himmat Singh image, then get order to keep eyes on his all movements.

Day 3rd of inquiry started –

  • D.K.Banarjee  – So you kidnapped Wasim from Airport?
  • Himmat – Yes sir! Farooq and my team did this.
  • When Farooq took Wasim with him, he asked him – from whom to meet you comes every month in Dubai? Moreover he try to confirmed this the sixth man who involve in 2001 parliament attack who involved in Taj attack, is he Ikhlaq Khan? But after heard Ikhlaq Khan name Wasim killed himslef.
  • After that ISI and Dubai police searched Farooq Ali everywhere till than six months. During that time Farooq realised what it meant to be an agent. When things calmed down, we shifted him to Dubai.
  • Farooq spent months in search of the clue , which will tell him of Wasim Karachiwala’s Dubai links. Then Farooq got Illiyass Hassan in 2012, who was Wasim’s driver in Dubai a few times. Now Illiyass told him – Wasim is a dangerous man. Then Farooq ask him – Why Wasim comes here, whom did he meet here? Illiyass tells – He came here to meet Ismail Hassan. Ismail Hassan invests Hafiz Ali’s money in the market.

“How Farooq Met Ismail Hassan”

  • Ismail Hassan is a finance guy. He owns audit firms and financial institutions. He’s the link between Wasim Karachiwala and Hafiz Ali. If someone can take ‘Farooq‘ to ‘Ikhlaq khan’ , It is ‘Hafiz Ali’, and ‘Ismail Hassan’ can get ‘Farooq‘ to ‘Hafiz Ali’. Moreover with the help of Javed Khalil, Farooq reach in Ismail Hassan.
  • Javed Khalil have a bar and launge in Dubai. Furthermore if he saw any rich guy in the bar he introduced that guy to the Ismail Hassan for the finance purpose.
  • Farooq follow same trick, when Javed notice farooq is spending more money, he start to follow Farooq, one day when they sit together Farooq ask Javed – Some of my funds are stuck in Nigeria and Italy, do you have someone who can help me? Then Javed reply – Of course, Ismail Hassan can get it done in no time. I’ll take you there.

Next day Javed and Farooq go to meet Ismail Hassan.

Story turn in present where –

  • Mr. Chadda is asking to Himmat – You shared Farooq story, how you spent money on him. But Ruhani khan, Avinash, Ruhi, Balakrishna these agents how do you justify their expanse?
  • Then Himmat Singh reply – Everyone has a job to do, some are there to defend, and some to render the enemy weak.

Now we see the story of “Hafiz Ali”, – Hafiz Ali killed Ismail Hasaan’s younger brother ‘Abu’. Because he betrayed Hafiz ali, he has stolen 10millions money from Hafiz company.

meanwhile 3rd day of inquiry ended.

when Himmat Singh goes from his office someone try to attack on him.

And The Episode Ends Here.