Special Ops Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English

Special Ops Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English – Here You’ll know A Better & Energize Ways Of Story.

Special Ops Season 1 TV Series

At the end of Special Ops Season 1 Episode 3 we have seen that Himmat Singh is introducing their Agents story during his inquiry. Moreover where we saw Farooq Ali story, how many difficulties he realised, in Agents life. At the end of Episode some mans attacked on Himmat Singh. Who are they? Why they wants to kill Himmat Singh? To know more about the show read Special Ops Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check Special Ops review.

Special Ops Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English

Himmat Singh when reach his office he understood Pakistani is planning something big. Now he order security to deploy two people outside my house.

  • In the next scene Farooq Ali is giving sympathy to “Ismail Hassan” because Hafiz Ali killed his younger brother “Abu”. Farooq is saying – Abu wasn’t a bad person, Ismail and I can never believe that he did something wrong.

Now Himmat Singh send some secret man’s for their Agent Bala & Avinash, to check are they physically ready for war. Finally Himmat Singh find a satisfy result.

“Now Himmat Singh day 4th of inquiry start”

  • Now D.K.Banarjee is asking Himmat Singh – 8 Nov 2016, PM modi made an important declaration on TV, by announcing demonetisation. But 16 Nov, 2016 Rs. 1crore just eight days after demonetisation your expanses are dated here.
  • Mr. Chadda is asking – There was chaos in the country for Rs.100 currency notes. In those days, you show that you spend Rs.1 crore in cash and that too the new currency?
  • Himmat Singh Reply – Sir it must have happened with you too at some time, when you try to do one thing and something else happens. It was an intresting situation in 2016. Farooq was in Duabi doing business with Ismail. Moreover He was close to getting to Hafiz, but Hafiz was just a step away, and so Ikhlaq was two steps away from him. In this scenario, on Nov 8, 2016, demonetisation was announced in India.

Now story turn in past time of Nov 2016 –

  • Ismail call Farooq and ask – Will your Hawala network in India be able to handle a big transaction urgently? Then Farooq reply yes but what happened? Ismail said – Demonetisation announced in India.
  • When Farooq reach to meet Ismail then he told – Hafiz needs to send some money to Kashmir, the new currency. Because he needs to make some payment urgently. He asked me and I took your name.
  • Now Farooq and Ismail go to meet Hafiz. But Hafiz didn’t allow Farooq to some inside his room. Then Farooq call in India to Himmat Singh that he need urgent money of 1 crore new note currency.
  • When Farooq ask Ismail can I meet Mr. Hafiz? Then Ismail reply – not today, but you can meet him some other time.

Now Story turn in present –

  • Mr.Chadda is asking – So, you invested new currency worth Rs. 1 crore for terrorism in Kashmir so that Farooq could meet Hafiz.
  • Himmat Singh answer – Yes sir! But I hope, due to that investment, they will soon meet each other.
  • D.k.Banarjee is asking – You got 7 lakh sanctioned last week, what was that?
  • Himmat Singh reply –That was a small operation sir. We had a cause a blast in Rawalpindi Pakistan today. Moreover it happened 20minutes ago.
  • D.k.Banarjee & Mr.Chadda is asking – But why did you cause the blast in RawalPindi?
  • Then Himmat Singh reply sir please turn on the TV may be you got your answer from there.

Then they turn on the TV and they saw in news-

A deadly attack on the office of the United Nations in RawalPindi this morning. The United nations dismissed the appeal of removing the name of “Noor Baqsh” the chief of “Jamaat-ul-Tehreek” from the list of terrorists. The mastermind behind the 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai has appealed to get his name removed from the list of banned terrorists.

  • Himmat Singh Is Replying –We caused the blast. After artcle 370 was revoked in Kashmir, the Jammat had become aggresively active. We caused the blast and put the blame on Jamaat. Then Jamaat will take the help of Ikhlaq Khan to take Kashmir back.
  • The leader of Jamaat will now pressurise Hafiz and Ikhlaq to do something. Hafiz won’t be able to do anything on his own. In order to help Noor Baqsh and Jamaat, Ikhlaq Khan will have to come out in the open.

In the next scene from “Abu Hasan”(Ismail younger brother who died) number “Hamid”(One man of Ismail) call Farooq and tells him – This is Abu Hasan calling from heaven.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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