Special Ops Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English – So Here You’ll Get An Amazing Secrets & The Reasons Of Preposterous War.

At the end of Season Ops Season 1 Episode 4 we have seen that Himmat Singh cause a blast in Rawalpindi Pakistan. Moreover they caused the blast and put the blame on Jamaat. Then Jamaat will take the help of Ikhlaq Khan, and for that Ikhlaq Khan will have to come out in the open. To know more about the show read Special Ops Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check Special Ops review.

Special Ops Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English

  • Now Hamid is calling Farooq from “Abu Hasan” Phone – Farooq tells his name Amjad to Ismail, and their mans. So Hamid is asking to Amjad – As per the call records of Abu’s phone, You and he kept talkingover the phone till his death and kept hatching some conspiracy. But yet you lied to Mr. Ismail, that it had been ages since you met Abu. Why you lie?
  • Farooq / Amjad reply – What do you want?
  • Hamid Reply – send me 50,000dollar, otherwise who knows, what trouble one will land in.

Meanwhile Ismail call to Amjad (Farooq) – Hafiz Bhai wants to meet you this evening, So cancel your all important work and come to Al-Ubeira.

In the next scene Himmat Singh send some secret man’s for their Agent Ruhani Khan & Juhi, to check are they physically ready for war. Finally Himmat Singh find a satisfy result.

  • Now Hamid is calling Amjad(Farooq), asking for money. When Farooq reach there he killed Hamid.
  • Amjad (Farooq) reach to meet Ismail. Now finally the day comes when Amjad meets to Hafiz.

“Finally Farooq Met To Hafiz”

  • Hafiz is saying to Amjad(Farooq) – You had helped me three years ago during demonetisation, tell me why?
  • Amjad reply – Mr.Hafiz, my real name isn’t Amjad Sharif. The passport your men are looking at in my flat is fake. Amjad is an alias of mine. That’s how I live here in Dubai, run my businessand offer help to people like you. My real name is Rashid Malik.
  • Hafiz sir, meeting you is not only my destiny, but also a compulsion.
  • Hafiz Reply – My men, aren’t just looking inside your flat. They’re extracting all details on you, Rashid. Will you work for me?
  • Rashid reply (Farooq) – Just give me the order sir.
  • Hafiz – I supposed to buy an oil company in Baku tomorrow. So all the formalities were done. But there was a small probleam, now I can’t do this deal with the help of our company. So Ismail suggested that, for the time being, I should do this deal through your company. The money will be transferred to your company, and you’ll be making the deal.

Who Is Sadia Qureshi?

  • When Farooq return to his flat, he called Himmat Singh – Sir ! I met Hafiz today. After a long time I felt a little scared.
  • Then Himmat Singh reply – Fear is a good thing Farooq.
  • Farooq – We’re leaving for Baku tomorrow. The location is Fail Oil Fields. Everyone will gather for the singing and takeover. Hafiz hinted me that Ikhlaq Khan will be there. So we can’t let Ikhlaq Khan slip from our grasp, I’ll gather everyone.
  • Himmat reply – Don’t worry I’ll be coordinating this Ops myself tomorrow.

At the end of Episode we saw “Sadia Qureshi”, she attached a bomb in her body.

“And The Episode Ends Here”