“November Story” Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English – You’ll Get Here An Amazing Way Of Thriller.

At the end of November Story Season 1 Episode 3 we have seen that Yesu is helping police to find murderer evidence. Moreover when Yesu open his car, we saw one more dead body, in his car. Who is the real killer of Savitri? To know more about the show read November Story Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check reviews of November Story Tv-Series.

November Story Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English

  • In the first scene of this episode we see, the story in past, where sister is upbringing that little child. Now he grow, then one day a family come to adopt that boy. But he’s crying to go with them.
  • Sister loves very much that boy, so she write a letter for him, and keep the letter in between the book. Moreover the family who adopted that boy, try to keep him happy, but he looks upset as always. When he grow more, he left his house and go to meet, sister. But he saw she’s died.

Now story turn in present –

When Yesu open his car, we see a dead body of “Ahemad” there, and the guy is same who called Savitri in starting.

  • In police station, police is asking, that house all buyers, & brokers. Meanwhile one cop recieved a fax, in which three medical student Binod, Sandeep, & Ahemad, raped their classmate Neeta, and then killed her.
  • In investigation Police find These three guy has escaped from Hyderabad, and hide in Chennai.
  • Now we see the next scene, Anu is looking upset in her office. Meanwhile she received a call from police station, where inspector Sudalai is asking about her father, Then Anu said she’s busy in her office so she can’t come there. But inspector Sudalai is saying he don’t need her, he need a work from Ganesan.
  • Because inspector Sudalai has found that Anu made fake death certificate of her dad.

Inspector Is Suspecting On Ganesan

  • Then inspector Sudalai reach there, and then Anu left her office and reached at home. Now inspector Sudalai found that Ganesan mental health is not good, and he’s talking to himself, when Ganesan saw inspector there he run to kill him.
  • Meanwhile Anu said to her father he’s your big fan, and he’s here to meet you. Then Ganesan behaved normally.
  • In the next scene inspector Sudalai is suspicious on Ganesan. Because according to doctor Yesu, the guy who killed Savitri, is abnormal patient, because that guy prickled her after death. and Ganesan height is same as doctor said 5.4 feet. Now inspector received a call from hospital, who’s doing Savitri’s post-morterm, they find Savitri died to prick a sharp pen on her back.
  • Now Anu understood that inspector Sudalai is suspecting on her father. So she hide her dad all writing pens.

In the next scene we see that hacker, who wants FIR files. Moreover the guys who raped Neeta, are with him, but Ahemad is missing. Binod, & Sandeep know that Yesu kidnapped Ahemad, so they’re taking help of that hacker.

And The Episode 3 Ends Here.