“City Of Dreams” Season 2 Episode 3 Explanation –

City of Dreams Season 2 Episode 2 we have scene, all partie and opposite party are preparing for next election. Asking for public support to them. To know full story ahead read City Of Dreams Season 2 Episode 3 Explanation. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

Wasim is going to meet Ameraw, here Wasim is hiding the truth of Ashish death, that Wasim killed him. But Ameraw, wants to shut Wasim mouth and requesting to don’t reveal that Jagdish is involved in attack. After that Ameraw killed Sirin because he know she wants to exposed Jagdish.

Story Turns in Flashback –

Here Ameraw find Mahesh and Purnima together, and he get understood something is going in between them.

Wasim’s old informer his name is Prabhakar, is making him aware that two guy Iqbaal and Mansur is planning something big

Story turns in Present –

After saw Sirin dead body, Purnima is looking surprised. Because now she know, Sirin killed by his father Ameraw, and she was suspecting on Mehka infra’s.

In the next scene we see Milliend Prabhu who is a big leader of opposition party. Altogether only old people is looking in his party, not even a single youth.

Ramnik is going to meet Purnima, and asking for help. But Purnima didn’t want to help Mehka infra’s. After that Ramnik is showing her some private picture of Purnima and Lipakshi, where they are kissing to each other. Then Ramnik threat her, to provide metro structure to Arvind. Moreover put all blame of bridge collapse on Gaurinath head ( Who is employee on Mehka Infra’s).

  • Scene shifted and we see, Ameraw, is provoking Mahesh against Purnima, and asking his favor in Ameraw party. Therefore Mahesh’s friend is advicing him to join Ameraw party.
  • Ameraw is giving favor to Mahesh, – that he have to join RUP party (Old People party) and fight for CM. Mahesh should have to share his past connection with Purnima. After that public will start to show some faith on him.
  • Ameraw can do anything to beat Purnima’s party. Therefore he is going to meet RPU party member for youth Mahesh favor, from their party.

“Nambyaar‘s daughter is suffering from cancer, therefore Purnima is ready to bear his daughter treatment expenses. Beacuse Wasim and Purnima is really looking sad, to see his daughter.

In the next scene, to attract youth in their party Purnima, make a strategy. She comes live and started a rapid fire question with the youth. In between this live session, a guy send Purnima and Mahesh marriage picture and asking to justify the picture. After that she get socked.

And The Episode 3 Ends Here.