“November Story” Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English – You’ll Get Here An Amazing Crime-Thriller With Full Of Suspence & Disastrous Murder Mystrey.

“November Story” is an amazing crime-thriller with full of suspence & disastrous murder mystrey web series. Moreover this is a Disney + Hotstar special web series released on 21May 2021. Furthermore this is an Indian Tamil language web-series, directed by Indhra Subramanian. The story is revolving around a “crime novel writer” who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s. Moreover he have, no memory, what happened in past, and what he done instantly. When his daughter Anuradha find him, in any crime scene, then his daughter sets out to prove his innocence. To know more about the show read “November Story” Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check reviews of November Story Tv-Series.

“November Story” Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English”

  • The story start from Past story, where we show a bus accident, In this accident all passenger died except one little girl.

Now scene changed and we show 2019, in Hyderabad. Where a woman named “Savitri” is packing her bag, and money, and she’s with one more girl Named “Mathi”. Then Savitri called Ahemad and said – we’re ready to go from here.

  • In the next scene, we see Anu, she wants to sell her dad old house. But Anu’s dad doesn’t want to sell his house. She’s waiting for her dad in registrar office but her father doesn’t come there.
  • Then Anu’s friend “Malar” take her with him in crime branch office, because someone has freezed the system there. Moreover Malar has bought this tender by himself (that mean all FIR of that branch office, will be upload for an online record).
  • Furthermore if that system will not recover in 10 minute, after that FIR can be hacked. And Malar tender and his money can be waste. Now Anu is checking all server there, and then she find a device there, which has set by someone to hack all FIR of crime branch. Moreover that guy has currepted all CCTV camera’s, because no one can see that.

How To Grab The Hacker?

  • Then Anu make a plan to grab that guy. The website on which Malar is working, the testing of website should be complete in next 15 days. So now Malar hired 15 people, for that, altogether they’ve completed the FIR of till year-1999. Furthermore this work should be finish till then 15 november.
  • According to Anu’s plan, the hacker will plan to hack this system again, when we’ll completed to upload all files of FIR. So anu decide to upload all files after 2009 to 2018, in Backups server. Because she’s thinking hacker want’s to hack recently FIR files.
  • In which software, they all’re working has made by Anu.

When Anu reach in his home, she’s thinking about her dad, he’s awarded by best crime novel writer. But recently he’s suffering from Alzheimer’s, due to this he have no memory of his past. Ganesan(Anu’s dad), wants to complete his last novel, until he forget everything.

In the next scene we see when sometime Ganesan talk to himself, he always looks at vacant chair and he call him Kuzhandhai. Where he’s saying he wants to meet a 6feet hight girl, and she limp from her left leg,

Chitra Anu’s servent always keeps eyes on Ganesan to take care of him. But Ganesan, in front of Chitra take medicine, and after that he always hide his all medicine somewhere.

Anu is continously trying to contact broker for sell the house, because she need a money to provide good treatment to her dad. But the house is very old so mostly people is rejecting to buy that house.

Anu’s Plan Work.

  • One day Chitra found Ganesan, that he’s not taking his medicine. Then Ganesan try to kill Chitra, meanwhile Anu reached there, and she take her dad hospital. Where doctor is saying if he doesn’t take his medicine on time, then one day he can forget you, and slowly slowly everything.
  • So for his better treatment Doctor said they need 80lakh rs, and if he doesn’t take the treatment at the time so he can die anytime.

Now Anu to manage some money, she said to broker to make death certificate of her dad, because Ganesan doesn’t want to sell his house.

  • Now 16 November come, and then Anu is uploading all file in server, after that they can find the hacker. Files is uploading meanwhile hacker again freeze their all system, because he know how many system’s are there.
  • Then Anu start to work in her laptop, which is very old, and due to this hacker can’t trace her Laptop. Then Anu traced hacker’s IP-Adress.
  • When Anu go to her home, she meet Mathi and Savitri in a train, she find Mathi’s mental health is not good. When Anu reached at her home, she didn’t find Ganesan there. Then she go to find her dad in her old house, and Ganesan is there, with one dead body, and this dead body of Savitri.

And The Episode 1 Ends Here.

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