“City Of Dreams” Season 2 Episode 6 & 7 Explanation –

At the end of Episode 5 we have seen that all political parties are finding a different-2 way to convine their vote. To know full story ahead read City Of Dreams Season 2 Episode 6 & 7 Explanation. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

Now Purnima’s son Amit shifted in Amayraw house, so Amayraw is now taking care of him. He is providing his favourite sports shoes to Amit, after get this he got happy. Then he decide he would not want to go back in Purnima’s house.

In the next side Purnima promised to Jaggan that she will return his money to him. In return she request to Jaggan to stop torturing to Purshotam.

Now Purnima is going to meet Mahesh at his house. Where Mahesh is threatning her that he will exposed Gaikwad. Then Purnima says to him, her dad Amayraw forced her that is why she is here, and now she is requesting to him don’t share anything with the media.

In the next scene, Purnima is crying in front of her son Amit, to come back home. But Amit is denying to go back with her. Moreover Purnima’s husband is asking for their divorce, but he is waiting for election. After that he want to live saprate because Purnima hide her ex-marriage.

In Prediction Pole, RUP party that means Mahesh party is in bottom, so he want to raise his parties popularity. For that Mahesh is making different diffrent plan. After that RUP parties old member to see Mahesh dedication towards his party, feel proud. Therefore now they started to trust on him.

  • Now scene shifted and Taniya get aware that Arvind is the major guy, who is the reason behind the bridge collapsed in city. Consequently she decided that she will not marry with a murderer. She talk to her dad about this, but now she is aware her dad is too an equally responsible for all these mess and he is too a criminal with Arvind.
  • Because Taniya dad helped Arvind in his every bad decision, he got Metro Project, even he didn’t go to jail what he did with the innocent people.
  • Taniya is asking everyone know Mehka’s infra is responsible for bridge collapsed, then how goverment can provide Metro structure again to Mehka’s infra???????????

And The Episode Ends Here.