Candy Web Series Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English –

Bayu had shooted by a secret man, and then the man escaped from there. This incident we already seen in previous episode 6 of Candy. Read here further Candy Web Series Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

In the first scene of this Episode Jayant is talking to his school principal “Father Marcas”. Because all girls who trapped in demons rape, are from the same school. Moreover Father Marcas is trying to hide the truths because he worried about school reputation.

  • When Jayant goes his home, he find that all things in his house has scattered. Jayant calls his wife name, and he found Kalki and Sona is looking stressed. Jayant asks them what happened? Then Sona reply – They Found Mashan in their door. Altogether Mashaan was trying to attack on Kalki. There after Sona through an iron rod on Mashaan.
  • Now Jayant is seeing the iron rod, and he find some blood droplets on it. He’s thinking if Mashaan can be wounded that mean its possible to kills Mashaan.

In a fit of rage Bayus father Ranawat is obsequies the last rites of his son Bayu. Moreover Ranawat truely wants to search the culprits of his Bayus killer.

Ratna is going to meet Luca in a hospital, here Luca gives her some information about candy. – Candy is not a new drugs. Six year ago candy was called X66. It was being sold in Vietnam, Thailand, and many South-East countries. Then all of a sudden it vanished.

Luca is saying further – This drugs maufacture started in Rudrakund four years ago. Sirji bought these drugs directly from Thailand to Rudrakund. But last night the raid was almost success, therefore Sirji eliminatd Bayu.

Candy Web Series Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English

  • Jayant is suspecting on Ranawat and he is thinking Ranawat is Mashaan. So Jayant goes to meet Ranawat, but here he know some different story from Ranawat –
  • Ranawat tells his story to Jayant, 15 years ago he wounded by a hammer during hunting in a jungle. An unknown lady helped Ranawat , she healed his wound. Her husband used to work far off in another city. And she didn’t realise when she fell in love with Ranawat.
  • Ranawat came to the city once when wound had healed. Lady called him back after 9months, because she gave birth to Ranawat child. And she is Kalki. But Kalki’s mom, she felt guilty and she finished herself, she immolated herself.
  • Ranawat asks Kalki’s step father Naresh but he cleary refused to give Kalki to him.

At the same night father marcus, comes in Jayant house. Father Marcus tells to Jayant that he saw Mashaan last night in a jungle. Therefore Marcus took jayant with him, in the same place. Here father offers a coffe to Jaynat, when he consumed it, he get unconscious, and he find two mashaan in front of him.

Moreover at the same time Ratna is finding previous 5years data, and trying to solution. Here she find something.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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