Money Heist Season 5-Vol 2 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 10) –

Read here a little recap of Money Heist Season 5-Vol 2 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 10). But before that to understand the ending story click on the link to get Money Heist previous Episode. Moreover you can find here another and many more movies review.

  • In Episode 10 – Now Proffesor is inside the bank where Colonel Tamayo immediately asks the proffesor where the gold?
  • Colonel is interogating Denver first. Denver is offered a new life, as well as a lifetime allowance and a retirement plan for him and his family, by colonel. But Denver deny to tells them where is gold. After that cops take him to exit the bank.
  • The european central bank is doubtful, and spain is collapsing. Because the stock markets have already plummeted by 14%. So central bank is pressuring spain to clean that. Colonel is beating proffesor, because he’s not reavealing where is the gold.

Alicia is attempting to locate the gold. she goes to the land registar office and kidnap the employees, she assigns the most experienced employee to loacte the most recent plot purchases. Finally Alicia discover the gold bearing parcel of land. But there they surounded by Tatiana and her man for a fight. After that they resolve their probleams together.

Money Heist Season 5-Vol 2 Ending Story –

Stock market continues to fall, as a result, Colonel sits down with the proffesor for a meeting, – Proffesor warns him that they must either win or lose, proffesor is saying further to colonel that – he should worry about preserving the banks instead, and that he only has one choice; either they both win or they both lose. The proffesor then admits that neither he, nor his people, know where the gold is hidden. He informs him that the gold is out and about. In this economic tsunami, the proffesor assures them, they are both unimportant.

  • Colonel goes before the press and declares that they have intercepted the gold from the trucks, promising trust and transparency – the proffesor directed him to say this. Trucks arrive carrying gold, and the news declares that the debt situation has been resolved. Colonel is furious now that he has discovered the gold is brass. Therefore Colonel orders the robbery team to be killed But the proffesor informs Colonel that the economic crisis is passed.
  • Colonel isn’t convinced by the proffesor’s last proposal and begins counting down from ten until he receives an answer, failing which everyone would be executed. The Proffesor and Lisbon tell him that this is his last chance and warn him about the dangers if he doesn’t act quickly. In a stressful moment, Colonel hits number one in his countdown, but the Proffesor tells him it’s “Checkmate”.

outside the bank gunshots heard. Colonel issues a public statement announcing, that the heist is over. and all robbers with the proffesor has been shot and dead.

Money Heist Season 5-Vol 2 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 10)

  • The robbery squad unzips their body bags. They’re still alive. they were successful. Colonel didn’t want the enormous state secret to be divulged, and with the heist, the team deemed “Dead” by the state, the heist dies with them. He received what he desired. he rose to the status of hero. The vault door closes, filled of brass bricks, revealing the irony of the fictitious economy.
  • 24hours later, new passports are supplied to the heist squad. Finally it was a happy ending for the robbers, and proffesor.

And Here Money Heist All Episode Ends.