Money Heist Season 5-Vol 2 Episode 9 Story Explanation In English –

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In the starting of Episode 9 – Proffesor is screaming loudly. Because he was socked that someone is outside who knows their full plan and they was aware from their plan since they started. So Proffesor with their team is going to find out who stole their gold. While searching hour an hour Proffesor realised that they can’t run outside the city with the 90tons of gold, that mean they dumped the gold somewhere. Moreover Proffesor is suspicious on Berlin’s son that he might be the thief of their 90tons of gold gravel.

Except that inside the bank, lady-soldiers are breaking all locks of bank of spain one by one quietly. When she done her work, she opened the handcuffs of Sagasta, and the sergeon was there is too soldiers, and all soldiers are pointing the gun on robbers. Sagasta informed Colonel, and he came inside the bank with his all team.

When Proffesor get aware that all robbers has tied by the colonel he decide to go inside the banks. Moreover he left his all responsibility on Alicia’s head, to find where the thief hide their 90tons gold.

And The Episode 9 Ends Here.