Money Heist Season 5-Vol 2 Episode 7 & 8 Story Explanation In English –

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In the starting of Episode 7 All cops reached in “Colonel” house, where colonel gives them order to grab proffesor and Alicia, search each house and apartment nearest 2km from the house of Colonel. But here proffesor and Alicia manage to hide from the cops eyes.

Next side robbers is getting out the gold from the bank, they’ll managing to evacuate 120,000litres water from the pump, through the black hose water will mix with the gold, and then 90 tons of gold gravel will flow smoothly, towards the draining system. In the next side Benjamin and his man will collect the gold.

Next scene Proffesor found an old cell phone in the same apartment. After that Proffesor called to Benjamin and trained him, how he and his team will help to take out proffesor and Alicia from there. Consequently Successfully Benjamin took out Proffesor and Alicia.

In the starting of Episode 8 – “Colonel” with his cops is tracing a sound in their system. Then they get understood. That robbers is pumping out the gold. Colonel is planning to search all channels , dams, treatment plants, and stormwater tanks, etc to find where are the robbers are collecting the gold out.

In the next scene Sagasta’s one lady soldier is still alive and she is working on Sagasta’s mission, and she is inside the bank. In other side all cops are searching the all drainage pipeline outlet which is linked with the bank of spain.

Money Heist Season 5-Vol 2 Episode 7 & 8 Story Explanation In English

Suddenly Proffesor and his all team heard a cops car-siron. Then some cops comes there and arrested all and tied them with the handcuffs inside the cars. After half an hours Proffesor realise that nobody is driving the car, and they’re still in same place. After a second Proffesor realised that they was fake cops and they stole their all golds.

The fake cops was nothing but Berlin’s Ex-wife Tatiana, and his son Rafel.

And The Episode 7 & 8 Ends Here.