Money Heist Season 5 Ending Story Explanation Of Vol.1 Episode 5

Money Heist Season 5 Ending Story Explanation Of Vol.1 Episode 5 –

Money Heist TV Series

End story of Money Heist Season 5 Episode 4 – we saw, Proffesor is threatning Colonel, against his recording where he didn’t showing care of hostages. In the next side Gun firing is going inside the bank, Helsinki has wounded very badly. To know full story further read Money Heist Season 5 Ending Story Explanation Of Vol.1 Episode 5. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

“Live Many Lives” –

  • Gandia is calling to other snipers men, they are on the terrace, pointing gun on the side of Bank Windows. Gandia is instructing them – Tokyo and Denver in the kitchen, find an angle to shoot from the outside.
  • Now Gandia is planning to throw grenades, to blow their fortification away, and then burst in. But other soldiers is denying to do this because blowing inside may too risk soldiers life. Therefore other snipers men is making a plan to drill a wall, for open the path then they will go from the pantry.

Gandia is making them understand It’ll be risky for us, because he wants to attack from the Corridor directly. But no one is following Gandia’s order, and obstinating to attack from Pantry.

Next to the wall Tokyo is listening everything. So Tokyo is asking Rio to set times bomb at the same wall, but he need some time.

Therefore Tokyo decide to keep busy Gandia in her talk. She is provoking Gandia, there-after Gandia looses his sense, and open the corridor and throw the grenade, but Tokyo caught that Grenade and throw back in side of Gandia, and it blow there.

In the next side Monica is doing Helsinki surgeory. “Martina” is living with the hostages, and Lisbon, Palermo, Rio is in their position. Lisbon is following Proffesor command, and forwarding further with others.

Soldiers are trying to drill the Pentry wall, meanwhile Tokyo go there and from the hole, she passed a bullets against the wall. But the other soldiers, they were standing on the terrace pointing a gun inside the bank windows, find an angle and they shooted Tokyo. She got shot five times in her arms and her legs.

Now soldires are taking advantage of this opportunity and going inside to attack on weak Robbers. But Tokyo allows Denver and Manila to go from there, she’ll handle there everything. Next side Rio is drilling the same floor from the ground floor where Tokyo is alone.

  • Finally Rio reached to her, but she is denying to jump with him. Because she know she don’t have much time to live more. Still she is fighting alone with the soldiers. Proffesor is too consisting her to jump right now. Now Gandia find Tokyo and start to shot on her body, she throw a bomb key and blow there everything, and all soldiers have died with her.

This is how Tokyo sacrifice her life for all.

And Vol.1 Ends Here.

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