Money Heist Season 5 Episode 4 Story Explanation Of Vol.1 –

Alicia gave a birth to a little child, and Proffesor did her delivery, we already read in Money Heist Season 5 Episode 4. Altogether after got an order from Colonel, army blown up one floor of the bank at air. To know full story further read Money Heist Season 5 Episode 4 Story Explanation Of Vol.1 In English. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

Your Place In Heaven” –

  • Helsinki wounded in this attack, Palermo is trying to make his connection with Helsinki on a call. Because now all Robbers is hiding and taking their position for war.
  • Proffesor is watching all scene, live, and trying to contact with them. He is continously informing Robbers that stormwater tank is still safe.

Helsinki is alone fighting with 100 soldiers, except him, all are following proffesor command. Poffesor is saying to leave Helsinki because he know this will not right time to fight. To save theirself is a major duty this time.

But they can’t run, because all soldiers have entered through the roof. Therefore gun firing is going,

Story Turns In FlashBack –

Here Berlin is educating his son he is providing a training to Rafael how to steal? Here Bogota, marseille and Tatiyana is too helping him. Altogether Finally Rafael is enjoying his life like his father.

Story Turns In Present –

Palermo used his machine gun, and he make some of the soldiers life at risk.

  • Scene shifted and Proffesor notice, that Soldiers are using Bomb Squad. Because they are getting ready to enter through the ground floor of the bank. They are getting ready for an attack.
  • Proffesor is making a plan – and saying to Benjamin prepare your men, they’re going to start the foundry.
  • Proffesor is giving an instruction to Tokyo – go on terrace with the hostages, and keep the intervention equipment inside the bag with the weapons. Tie the bag to the end of one rope and the other to one of you, make it to the edge of the hole while among the hostages.
  • Furthermore someone will stand and shoot at the door to distract the snipers. Then Tokyo pulls the rope and retrieves the bag.
  • Now All Robbers Are Strictly Following What Proffesor Spoke. After that Tokyo, Denver, Rio reached there, where are all the snipers are firing.
  • “Proffesor is calling to Colonel Tamayo” and saying – Don’t even lift a finger because I assure you, you don’t want to hear this conversation. Colonel is listening his recording where he spoke and show nothing care of hostages, and keen to kills robbers.
  • Colonel Tamayo after disconnected call is giving an order to put a hold on the intervention.

Gandia and other snipers gun firing is continue with Robbers.

And The Episode Ends Here.