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Aarya Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English –

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At the end of Episode 03 we have seen that someone comes behind Aarya and threatning Aarya. So she is looking affraid and worry about their childrens. Now how will she face all the probleams alone? Moreover how will she save their childrens from this mess? To know all about that read Aarya Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English.

AaAarya Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English

“Apne Panjje Bahar Nikalo”

So the man who threaten Aarya in the shopping mall was demanding for Rs 2crore, he said – Tej had borrowed money from me before he died.So i want my money back.

Moreover Aarya is managing money, She is talking with their company employee for money fund. But Aarya’s company didn’t pay their staff salary. So she don’t have any sources. Now she is asking to sell the house. But her employee reply to her – This house is already mortgaged as a business collateral. Now Aarya don’t have any sources for money.

In the next scene she again trying to open password of Pen – Drive, But its going incorrect. Then she take her son Veer help to crack the password. Consequently they tried many times but they get failed. Suddenly Veer asked what is papa’s favourite song? Aarya reply – “Bade Acche Lagte Hain”. When they enter this password, consequently it correct.

Then she look a message for Aarya speaking by her late husband Tej Sareen, He said – Hi Aarya ! I have never made a video like this for you before, So I don’t know how to begin. My plan has failed this pen drive has all the details, business accounts, company accounts, debts, A list of the company’s offences everything is in here.So I know you can handle it. You sorted out all four us kids.

Suddenly she got a message in her mobile – “2crore, tomorrow at 4p.m drop it in the bin opposite Rani Mandir”. She again scared she call Daulat and ask him- Can you meet me tomorrow morning?

When in the next morning she meets with Daulat she spoke full story of shopping mall.

“Aarya Wants A Receipt” Aarya Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English

Here in the next scene Aarya’s daughter Aaru is practicing for sankrith rap with Bob and rap connect with ‘SHREE MAD BHAGWAD GEETA”. Bob is Aaru’s uncle or husband of Aarya’s sister. He is too a raper.So they are trying to write a pathetic poem about states of life and death.

  • After that Daulat and Aarya makes a plan. Then Daulat advice her – I think you may show him your claws, like a lioness.
  • Aarya – If I weren’t a mother, thats what I would’ve done.
  • Daulat – Lionesses are most dangerous as mother. Go on I have your back.
Aarya Season 01 Episode 04 Story Explanation In English

Then Aarya call that unknown person and tells him come here and get the bad. But the person on call says to Aarya – I told you to drop the bag and leave. Then Aarya insist him to come there and get the bag of money. Then he come there, Aarya ask him – did Shekhawat send you?and tell me what proof do you have my husband borrowed from you? Do you have a receipt? and she denies to give him money. because she want a receipt for proof.

Then Aarya goes to her house and enjoying with their childrens. Next morning when she awake then she go in his son Aadi’s room, She found their puppy who is sleeping with Aadi, killed by someone.

And The Episode Ends Here

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