Aarya Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English –

At the end of Episode 04 we have seen that Aarya refused to give the money without any receipt proof to that unknown person. So at the same night Aarya’s puppy has killed by someone. Moreover the person have put the letter for Aarya. So now how will Aarya solve theses all probleam alone? To know all about that read Aarya Season 01 Episode 05 Story Explanation In English.

Aarya Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English

Kaun Chalaaega Business?

  • Same morning when Aarya’s childrens awake they ask to her mom – Someone broke into our house in the middle of the night. The guard couldn’t able to save. So mom I think we are not save here. Aarya is couraging their child and saying don’t scare. Then suddenly her younger son Aadi come there. When he look the puppy he ask to her mom.
  • Aadi – Mom, did someone shoot puppy too?
  • Aarya – No my son, I had taken puppy for walk, he bolted, and I lost hold of the leash. So he came under a car, It was an accident. I am sorry Aadi.

Here in the next scene Shekhawat team with Sampat comes in Jawahar house and again demanding for money. He gave them only 32lakhs, and giving an explanation to them I am a little short on cash this time. So I promise to make it up in the next installment. But Sampat broke their some goods from his house and take some painting of his wife.

In the next scene Aarya’s elder son ‘Veer’ girl friend named “Pallavi” comes in Aarya’s house. So now they both are enjoying they are swimming together and then she is requesting for a cup of cofee.

“Aarya And Shekhawat”

Now Aarya goes to Shekhawat home, and saying him – Please stop troubling me, You’re constantly threatning me, and you killed my son’s puppy. But Shekhawat confess her he didn’t kill any puppy and he is not threatning her. After that Aarya show him a picture of that man from whom she met last time and then she kept a 2crore rupees in a bag But she refused to give him. Then Shekhawat reply her – Why would I like to threat you for only 2crore, You have to pay my 300crore, So what will I do with 2 crore Rs.

Then Shekhawat tells to Aarya – You won’t need to pay 300 crore, You just have to pay 100 crore and the rest I’ll collect from Sangram and Jawahar. Then he make a deal with Aarya he says her I want to sell my consigments but I have a sea route and that takes very long, But Tej had a land route, So transport my good via land then I’ll write off Tej’s debt, and you don’t need to pay me Rs 100crore.

Next day she goes to meet to Sangram in a jail, when she tells him Shekhawat is rquesting for one transport by me. Then Sangram refused her to work with Shekhawat, he says when he comes out from the bars then he’ll handle everything. But she said no I can’t wait for u my family and my childrens are not safe untill I don’t pay him.

“Jawahar Sent The Men” Aarya Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English

After that Sampat takes Aarya with him. Then there she find a man who threatened Aarya for 2crores Rs. When she ask him who did send you? Then he reply to her – Jawahar sent him, and Jawahar killed your puppy.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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