Aarya Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English –

At the end of Episode 02 we have seen that Aarya’s husband Tej Sareen died. So his last goods come from hospital, when Aarya looked his goods he find a Pen-Drive from there. Which is searching by Cop. So now Aarya will give this Pen-Drive to Police or will keep hide from police? To know all about that read Aarya Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English.

Aarya Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English

“Kaun Zimmedar Hai”

When Aarya use this pen-drive on her laptop, Then she know it’s password protected. She is trying many password but all are incorrect.

Here in the next scene Acp Khan find a dead body near the lake. When he look the body he find they are Shekhawat colleagues (Which killed by Tej Sareen in first Episodes). He ask to his staff – did you take last goods of Tej from hospital? Then their staff reply – yes sir but hospital team gave it to Aarya. When he heard he gave the goods to Aarya he goes to Aarya house, where Aarya is trying to open the password of pen- drive.

Acp Khan reached there and taking his last souvenir, Aarya tell him she alredy opend this, Then Acp request to her please give me a Pen- Drive, I can save you all and I also know the password of his Pen drive. But she didn’t give anything to police.

  • Here in the next scene whole family is coming for mourning of Tej. Shekhawat too comes there, He meets with Aarya,
  • Shekhawat – My consigment worth 300crore has been stolen and Tej was involved, If not you then who else will clear his debts?
  • Aarya – My children is waiting for me, please leave me.
  • Now Shekhawat threat Aarya and warn her for her child.

Shekhawat colleague Sampat are continously threatning Jawahar, and requesting 100crore form him. Jawahar says to him – Give me some time I’ll manage.

Aarya Season 01 Episode 03 Story Explanation In English

“Aarya Meets To Sangram” Aarya Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English

  • Now Aarya visit Sangram in the jail, She tells him Shekhawat is threatning my family why you stolen his consigments? But Sangram put all blame his late husband Tej Sareen.
  • Sangram says to Aarya – Tej never listened to anyone, he stole the Shekhawat consigments. So It was all his idea, and trust me I desperately tried talking him out of it.
  • Now Aarya is totally confused, She have a little doubt on her mind she said If someone’s steals your goods worth Rs-300crore, would you kill him without retrieving the money? and then their meeting time out, and she goes to home.

After that in the jail someone attacked on Sangram and beat him very bedly. In the Aarya’s house her father and mother come, Aarya’s father buy a puppy for her childrens. Moreover next day Aarya goes to shopping with her daughter Aaru. When she goes in changing room for try some clothes, one man comes there and attacked on Aarya, and requesting for money. Then run away from there.

Aarya is affraiding and haggling, she took her daughter from shopping mall and go to home.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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